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How Social Media is Influencing Plastic Surgery in Ways You Wouldn’t Think

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It’s impossible to deny that social media influences beauty standards in more ways than ever before. 

Things like filters, photo editing apps, and even the number of like and comments certain pictures get have seriously impacted what we perceive as pretty. 

Those that spend a lot of time on social media, or who work as influencers or brand ambassadors, certainly feel the pressure to look close to perfect at all times. 

One of the biggest pros and cons of social media is that it’s made people much more aware of what they can do to look their best — including getting plastic surgery. 

So, which procedures are the most popular? And how has social media today influenced plastic surgery trends? 

Keep on reading this post to find out.

Facetune and Your Face

Many people use the popular photo editing app Facetune to “correct” and enhance a few of their features. 

The app makes mostly minor changes. Think things like the ability to shorten or smooth out your nose, remove acne spots, or make it look like you have more intense cheekbones. You can also add a filter to make the lighting in the photo more flattering, or allow certain features to “pop out” more than others. 

Social media influences plastic surgery in that now, people want to get procedures that make them look exactly the way they do in their edited photos.

Because of how easy it is to edit photos, most younger patients today prefer to make more subtle changes to their facial structure. The more extreme facial reconstructive surgeries of the past (think things like jawbone shavings) have moved to the more minor ones, like a few fillers or botox injections. 

Many patients, especially those whose income is linked to their social media accounts, say they feel the pressure to “match up” as closely as possible to their photos in real life. 

While some plastic surgeons say that they prefer patients who bring in a picture of their Facetuned selves as opposed to celebrities they’d like to look like, others aren’t as happy. 

Some say that Facetune has created a new kind of body dysmorphia. Now, people have the expectation that they should look exactly like the digitized version of themselves at all times.

No matter your opinion, it’s impossible to deny that Facetune has influenced the way people choose which plastic surgery procedures to have done.  

Big, Beautiful Lips

Scroll through any feed on social media today, and you’re sure to see one feature that’s especially prominent: lips. 

Everywhere you look, it seems like lips are only getting bigger and fuller in selfies. In addition to plumping up your pout, many people feel that bigger lips also help their face to look more symmetrical. 

Especially if you have a smaller nose, getting fuller lips can help your face to look much more balanced. 

Plus, lip injections are a much less extreme form of plastic surgery, which make them a good first procedure for newcomers.

In fact, lip injections are so popular among the social media set that many people choose to upload photos and videos of them getting injections! 

This is a great example of the pros and cons of social media when it comes to plastic surgery. Uploading videos of non-surgical procedures makes it easy to understand exactly what to expect from things like injections. 

However, it also makes it look more commonplace. This means that those who are especially active on social media may feel the pressure to get lip injections because it seems like everyone else is.

Thanks to huge celebrities like Kylie Jenner, requests for lip fillers have gone up by as much as 70% in the past few years.

The Dream Bikini Body

It’s impossible to spend a few minutes on social media without coming across a few envy-inducing vacation pictures. 

Whether it’s your friends in bikinis on the beach or a celebrity “casually” hanging off the back of a yacht, these beach pics all have one thing in common: the body. 

After all, if you’re going to upload a photograph of yourself in a swimsuit to your Instagram or Snapchat account, you want to make sure you look as close to perfect as possible. Filters and photo retouching tools and apps can certainly help to get you part of the way there. 

But many people say they just get tired of spending so much time editing their photos. They’re also frustrated with having to take sometimes hundreds of photos in various poses, just to get one shot. 

For many, plastic surgery is actually an easier — and less time-consuming — alternative. 

When it comes to building the dream bikini body, many people focus first on their breasts and abs.

Social media users want to read more about how big they can go when it comes to breast implants. This is because they know that showing as much skin and as many sexy shots as possible will definitely get them more followers.

Plus, showing hot people in swimsuits is a great way for club promoters and brand ambassadors to make sure that people show up to company-sponsored events and big parties

They also have ab contouring procedures done to make sure it looks like they practically live in the gym. Think things like CoolScultping, tummy tucks, and liposuction. In other words? Your favorite social media influencer probably didn’t just get that body at the gym. 

Enhancing Your Assets 

One of the biggest social media influences on society today (at least, when it comes to the beauty world?) The rise of wanting a big, lifted, and sculpted derriere. 

Whether you want your butt to get all the attention in a tight, curve-hugging dress, or if you’re brave enough to pose in lingerie, social media today is all about showing off this body part. 

Especially if you’re using social media to land you lucrative sponsorships, having a toned behind is a must. Fitness companies especially want to work with brand ambassadors whose bodies are in the best possible shape. 

Many celebrities, like Cardi B, have spoken publicly about their choice to enhance their behinds. This only makes the procedures more popular among young women. Some people opt to get implants in their behinds to make things look rounder, while others prefer to keep things perky with a lift. 

No matter what you choose, make sure you inform yourself about why it’s so important to go to a reputable plastic surgeon. Many people have ended up with botched surgeries because they shopped for bargain butts.

Always make sure that you do all you can to avoid these potentially serious and dangerous risks. Ask to see a surgeon’s credentials and speak with references before you decide to book your appointment with them. 

Wider Eyes

Whether you love to show off your makeup skills on social media, or if you just want your eyes to look bigger, you know one thing about selfies: your eyes should be the focus. 

However, some people feel that their eyes aren’t symmetrical, or that they’re too small for their face. Especially on social media, where big eyes get the most like, many feel they want to do what they can to enhance their eyes. 

Eyelid procedures are definitely on the rise. The goal is to open up the eyes, making them look wider and rounder. Additionally, eye lifts are getting much more popular than in the past — especially among younger patients. 

Selfies and close-up photos mean that smaller wrinkles show up much more obviously than in the past. Many people feel that getting an eye lift will make them much less visible. Plus, it’s much easier to apply makeup to smoother, rounder-looking eyes. 

How Social Media Influences Plastic Surgery: Wrapping Up

We hope that this post has helped you to get a better understanding of the many ways in which social media influences plastic surgery today. 

But whether you’re opting for a butt lift to improve your beach pics, want to show off your bigger eyes, or if you’re a makeup artist who wants bigger lips to show off great lipsticks, remember one thing. 

You need to make sure you find the most reputable and experienced plastic surgeon possible to perform your surgeries. 

Then, use our blog to help you to learn which status updates, hashtags, and more will get you the most attention when you upload your pictures. Get ready to watch that follow count grow!

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