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Bloomtastic! 4 Social Media Photography Tips to Promote Your Flower Shop

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The United States has doubled to $2,160 million in flower imports within the last 20 years. And while this number has increased substantially, it also means that floral shops grew in popularity as well.

But before hopping on the floral shop bandwagon, you have to come up with a solid marketing strategy that will bring you some solid return on investment.

Let’s take social media, for example.

When it comes to floral shops, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Social media photography can get your business off the ground and where it needs to be.

Not good at taking pictures? Here are some tips on taking the best photos for your floral business.

1. Overcast Is Actually Beneficial

You were probably always told that the more lighting, the better. But when it comes to social media photography for a florist, overcast is going to be your best friend.

Because the clouds create the perfect lighting to highlight a flower’s delicacy, you’ll find yourself taking great pictures every time.

2. Say No to Wind

For fuller, more lively flower photos, you’ll definitely want to stay away from windy days. While snapping photos of your hair blowing in the wind may seem like a good idea, flowers blowing in the wind don’t have the same effect.

Consider placing cardboard on the hind scene of the flowers that you want to capture. This way, your camera won’t mistakenly capture frail flowers for your business.

3. Zoom In

When it comes to floral photography, capturing the intricate details of a flower can have a huge impact. Consider Violet’s Florist, for example. They have mastered the art of capturing beautiful flowers with an ordinary camera.

How do they do it?

Not only do they utilize the zoom feature, but they’ve perfected the distance between the camera lens and flower. This allows them to capture breath-taking photos for their customers.

4. Avoid Clutter

When it comes to social media photography for flowers, the less clutter, the better. Since flowers are naturally “busy” in essence, you don’t want to hide their beauty with a busy background.

Overwhelm your Instagram page with beautiful flowers and a solid background. This way, nothing is distracting behind the flower and your potential customers will focus their attention on your product.  

Master Social Media Photography and More

Whether you’re looking to master social media photography or simply want to boost your online presence, we’re here to help. We have created this platform for potential social gurus like you in mind. Because we know how important social media is for business, we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need right here.

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