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How to Create the Best Instagram Captions for Your Marketing Needs

Best Instagram Captions

For a small business owner or personal brand alike, you can make a big impact on Instagram. 

Especially if you are promoting your business in the United States, Instagram will capture the attention you want. Statistics say that 59% of adults hop on Instagram every day and that 38% of the daily visitors log in more than once per day.

Now that we’ve got your attention that this is a great social media app for you, let’s discuss some helpful tips on how to create the best Instagram captions.

Attention Grabber

The first sentence makes the first impression, so make it matter! How you begin your caption will make a big impact on how your post performs.

Include important details at the beginning so that your audience can easily identify what your post is about. A user on social media only has so much of an attention span, so make it quick.

Engage Instagram Users with a Question or Request

The best Instagram captions that perform well ask the viewer for something. They ask a question such as “What do you think of this?” or they could request that you tag a friend in their comments. Think of this as your call to action.

Be a Storyteller

Attract your audience with an authentic human touch that includes one or more of their five senses. Be specific and descriptive. Be a storyteller.

If you are taking a bike ride, was it a smooth ride or bumpy? If you were at a restaurant, was the food sweet, sour, or spicy? Engaging people’s senses also engages your audience.

Say It with an Emoji

People love emojis to add feelings and reactions in a way that words can’t do. Have fun with your emojis. Adding them also helps to create your brand identity.

Another way to brand your posts is with consistent presets and filters. Check out Flourish Presets for the best presets for Instagram.

Instagram Character Limit

Be creative in crafting your messaging because it must be short and sweet. The character limit is 2,200 words which are roughly about 330 words.

Marketing Industry Advice for the Best Instagram Captions

If you have ever written an Instagram caption and ended up thinking of something better or different after you posted it, you probably have made edits. Experts will tell you it is good to brainstorm and think about what you want to say before you post it.

Instagram is easy to post on a mobile device anywhere, anytime, which is why it can often be spontaneous. For a strategic small business owner, it’s not about spontaneity, it’s about good marketing. Allow yourself to think about it for a while.

Social Media Tips and Trends

If you are a small business owner, you’ll love marketing on social media. It’s a cost-effective way to build your brand. We are always presenting you with timely advice on social media content.

Visit us again soon for more dominant topics like this one! Now, go get started drafting some of the best Instagram captions for your brand and keep on generating those views.

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