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Social Solutions: What Are the Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies?

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Did you know that–every second–an average of 13 new users join a social media site for the first time? That means while you’ve been reading this post, about 117 people just create social media accounts. 

The dynamic user base of social media sites makes it an unbeatable tool for marketing. As you advertise your company, you’d like to access this wealth of users. But how do you connect with them? 

In this post, we’ll share 3 tips for creating an effective social media marketing strategy. Keep reading to hone your skills and connect with your audience.  

1. Make a Social Media Marketing Plan 

Before wildly posting across different social media sites, make a plan. There are websites that offer this service, and you can use the questions below to help you. One of the best ways to begin creating your social media marketing strategy is by answering these questions. 

Why Are You On Social Media?

Are you promoting products? Are you driving traffic to your website? Are you increasing awareness? 

By understanding why you are there, you can refine your posts to meet your goals. 

Who Is The Target Audience?

What do they like to do? Which social media platform do they use? Why and how do they consume their content?

Understanding this point enables you to create content with the right themes and motives. 

What Will You Share?

Do you have a theme in mind? Will you rely on images, text, or videos? It’s pleasing to the eye and the brain to show up to a page that has a clear theme to the posts. 

Where Will You Share?

Sure, you know the “Big Four”, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But did you know there are dozens of other relevant social media sites? On which ones will you find your future customers?  

When Will You Share?

Think about your audience, then get specific; stay on top of timing to stay relevant. For example, mothers of young babies will be up in the night for late-night feedings. Those who commute may put on podcasts right before rush hour. 

2. Create Meaningful Content

Now that you understand your audience, you understand what they want to see and engage with. Analyze your existing content; what has or hasn’t worked in the past? Do keyword research online to find out what people want to learn about and deliver what it is they’re looking for. 

3. Create Community

You want your users to feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. Ask them questions, engage with their comments, invite them to connect with fellow users. People want to belong, so the more you connect them with each other, the more they will connect with you. 

Go and Create!

Understand your audience, craft the content they want, and build your community. Now that you have a better understanding of social media marketing, go and create something! 

You’ve learned about the benefits of a social media marketing company, by why stop there? Check out more informative posts on our blog today!

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