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Debunking the Most Common Instagram Marketing Myths That Exist Today

Instagram Marketing Myths

2020 saw Instagram reach an incredible milestone: the photo-sharing app now has over one billion monthly users

Well, that’s great for them, but what does it mean for you? Here’s what it means: if your business isn’t running a thriving Instagram marketing campaign, it’s missing out on one of the broadest advertising platforms available.

Getting stellar engagement on Instagram isn’t as easy as posting a few photos. Plus, most of the general advice out there about gaining followers on Instagram is just plain wrong. 

Don’t worry. We’re about to separate the good advice from the bad so you can rev up your brand’s Instagram presence. Here are the top myths about Instagram usage and what to do instead. 

More, More, More

The popular wisdom about Instagram is that more is always better. More photos, more engagement, more sales, right?

Not exactly. Instagram is full of noise, and users have to tune out most of it. If you generate tons of pictures (say, three or four posts per day) without offering much value, your target audience will ignore your account. 

Instead, focus on creating content that your viewers want to see. Even if you post less frequently, good content will generate more engagement.

Artificial Likes Get Your Account Off the Ground

Getting more likes increases your visibility. This is because Instagram’s algorithm promotes images that it thinks viewers will like — and getting positive reactions shows the app that your content will engage more people. 

However, you need visibility to get likes in the first place. Many Instagram marketers solve this conundrum by purchasing artificial likes, but this practice actually harms your account. Instagram’s algorithm tracks and cracks down on accounts that try to manipulate the system.

Instead, get real likes from Instagram with apps like Like 4 Like. These real likes are a win-win: they’ll boost your account without drawing negative attention. 

When It Comes to Influencers, Bigger is Better

Yes, influencer marketing works — if you use it right.

Most marketers assume that the bigger an influencer is, the better their exposure will be for your brand. But that’s not always true. The best Instagram influencers are the ones that can give you not just the most exposure, but the right exposure for your brand.

Mega-influencers may have the most followers on Instagram, but they don’t necessarily reach your audience. Investing in the biggest influencer you can get might waste your exposure on an audience that isn’t interested in what you have to sell.

Instead, look for smaller influencers that resonate with your brand. The people who follow them are sure to be interested in you, so your exposure will gain more value. 

The Instagram Marketing Tips You Need

We all want a prime place in the coveted world of social media, but don’t waste your time on gimmicky Instagram tricks. Instead, use smart strategies that work. Now, you won’t fall prey to the most common Instagram marketing myths, so you can create a winning social media strategy instead.

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