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How to Promote a Party on Social Media: Tips and Tricks

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Over 70% of leading brands say that social media is a vital part of their event promotion.

This is not surprising considering the considerable amount of reach every platform offers as well as the ability to communicate directly with attendees.

But it’s not as easy as just making the event, you need to know how to promote a party too.

Every social media platform has its own special nuance that can be adapted to your advantage. From maintaining exclusivity to geotargeting ads, once you understand what you can do, you will have much better control over the event’s outcome.

How to Promote a Party

Regardless of whether you are promoting a large corporate event or sending out a christening invitation to friends and family, you want to make sure all the right people get the message.

Most importantly, you also want to make sure they attend.

That’s why following the steps below will give you the right tools to spread awareness and generate excitement.

Pick the Right Platforms

It’s essential to understand the etiquette, functions and, strengths of every platform you have available. We’ve provided a brief overview below to cover which work for setting up the event and those that succeed at promoting it:

Facebook – Ideal for both business and personal events, Facebook gives the most direct access to communicating with others and keeping them updated.

Instagram – Attract people to the event using gorgeous photos on Instagram. Paint a picture of what the event will look like.

LinkedIn – If you’re putting on a corporate function that is very formal then LinkedIn is best suited here. Promotion tactics can include mentioning the networking opportunities and industry knowledge that will be shared.

Twitter – Twitter is a good way to send out highlights about the event and during it for all the world to see.

Snapchat – This is only necessary if your event is catering to a younger audience and even then is best used for during the event.

Set up the Event Correctly

This seems obvious but many people don’t both putting in all the information upfront leading to both confusion and a lot of unnecessary questions from prospective attendees.

When putting the information together be sure to give a detailed location and expectations of dress code and conduct. You also want to include what about the event will be fun and unique that makes it worth attending.

Don’t be vague, be exciting and informative.

Be Smart About Invitations

The wrong crowd ruins a party.

If it’s an exclusive event then don’t feel bad excluding people who won’t match the vibe. They will likely have a bad time even if they do come and it will only serve to lower the tone of the party for everyone else.

If it’s more open, be sure to promote the party in a way that will appeal to your audience only.

Use Ads

Social platforms provide incredibly specific ad-targeting allowing you to reach the exact people you want.

If you feel like you need more attendees but want to save money, then do as much research and thinking as you can to identify who are the most likely to come to your event and what it is that will appeal to them.

Have Fun

Knowing how to promote a party is essential if you want to have a fun and successful time.

By attracting the right people and keeping them interested right up to the event itself, you will guarantee better attendance and the right atmosphere.

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