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This is Why You Need a Sparkling Dental Social Media Marketing Plan

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Did you know almost 80% of Americans have an account on social media? Social media websites gain popularity every year, and new sites are being added all the time.

If you have a business and you want to get in front of these potential customers, you definitely need to use social media.

In this article we will focus on dentists, and why you need to utilize dental social media marketing, and how you can quickly and easily use it to get your patients to love you.

Why Use Social Media as a Dentist?

These days, people are constantly staring at their phones, and much of that time is spent on social media. If you want to get your ads in front of people, this is the way to do it.

In fact, recent studies show that advertising on social media is about as effective as traditional advertising. Facebook ads account for over 20% of US advertising and are expected to surpass traditional ads by next year.

Also, word of mouth is very powerful and people are much more likely to choose your business if they see a friend has mentioned you online. So focus less on newspaper ads, and more on something people will actually see.

Next, we’ll discuss how to use social media in a way that will attract patients and get current ones to like you better.

1. Make it Fun

The number one rule for social media is to make it fun, and not just treat it like a business. People get turned off by boring technical talk, so feel free to use funny pictures and memes whenever possible.

A lot of people have a fear of going to the dentist. By posting fun content regularly, they will be less scared of you and will “like” you and your pages

2. Interaction

The main purpose of social media is to communicate with others, so get out there and interact with patients. Ask them what they want to see more content about, get them to share their dental stories, and just talk with them.

Another good idea is to use certain hashtags for your business. If a patient uses those hashtags, you can feature their picture on your page. People love the spotlight and this is a great way to get people talking about your business. For example, you might share a picture of a patient in the dentist chair with a caption of “the best Family Dentist Fishers IN” with a bunch of heart emojis.

3. What Platforms to Use

There are many options and they all have their purpose. Twitter is perfect for really short replies to people, Instagram is the best option for sharing photos, and YouTube is a great place to share videos if you have any. However, Facebook is the most widely used and is most likely what you would focus on.

Dental Social Media Marketing is Easy

Millions of people use social media for entertainment, so don’t be intimidated by it. It can be a profitable aspect of your business, but that doesn’t mean social media for dentists can’t be simple or fun!

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