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Real Estate Social Media: 10 Tips Every Agent Needs to Know About

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Looking to boost your profile as a real estate agent? Social media marketing is one area you need to decipher to achieve this goal.

Social media offers the perfect platform to market yourself and the services you can offer to potential real estate clients. But social media is a dynamic marketing tool that can be difficult to maneuver.

Follow these 10 tips to improve your real estate social media marketing strategy.

1. Set Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing Goals

Every strategy is created with specific goals in mind. So, the first thing to do to develop a successful social media marketing strategy is to know what your goals are. It’s easier to measure success or failure when you know what you need to achieve from the get-go.

2. Understand What Your Target Audience Are Looking For

The mistake many real estate agents make is to provide social media content that they think is good for their target customers. They don’t take time to understand what the targeted audience really want to know. Ultimately, what they post on social media isn’t useful to potential customers.

When developing social media content for your real estate business, put yourself in the shoes of potential clients so you can understand where their interests lie.

3. Know Where to Find Your Niche

Understanding what your target audience are looking for is one thing, knowing where to find them is a completely different matter.

Before embarking on your real estate social media marketing, research which sites your target real estate clients use. Prospective home builders can be found on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, for instance.

4. Create Awesome Social Media Content

Once you understand what would-be real estate clients are looking for, use your creative side to come up with amazing content that will draw traffic to your social media sites.

Use more photos and videos – visuals make it easier to grab the attention of your audience. Follow this social media video marketing guide to increase awareness about your brand.

In addition to this, make sure your content is easy to share. This way, your content can reach a wider audience.

5. Know When Your Audience Is Active

No matter how awesome your social media content is, it won’t aid in your real estate marketing efforts if it does not reach the intended audience at the right time.

Going the extra mile to research the times of the day or week when you’re likely to get the most engagement out of your social media sites can help put your business out there better.

6. Be Active

Some real estate agents open social media accounts for their businesses yet they don’t maintain a schedule for updating content and engaging with their audience.

If you leave messages and comments unanswered for days, your audience might not take you seriously.

Make sure your social media pages are social and engaging, and not too salesy.

7. Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback

You may be tempted to ignore negative social media feedback because you think that’s the best way to deal with it. Quite far from it, it is this kind of feedback that you should pay the most attention to.

Negative feedback may reveal what you’re doing wrong and what to do to improve the situation.

8. Build Relationships With Your Customers

Posting high-value and visually appealing content on your social media sites is vital to keeping your audience captivated and yearning for more.

But giving your social media platforms a personality is what will help build business relationships with your audience.

9. Celebrate Milestones

Showing your audience how much you value them is essential to maintaining a strong customer base for your real estate business.

Celebrating key social media achievements with your target audience is a smart way to show your appreciation.

10. Keep the Message Short and Simple

Keep in mind that the average real estate buyer or seller isn’t a real estate guru. Therefore, they might not understand most of the real estate jargon.

Use short, simple words to convey your message to the target audience. This will help get your target audience to read and understand your message.

Don’t Waste This Great Opportunity to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Social media is a marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore if you want to grow your real estate business. If you stay away from social media, you’ll miss out on the widening prospective user bases up for grabs.

With the above tips, you should be able to get the most from your real estate social media marketing efforts.

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