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Making Connections to Get Ahead: Your Guide to Social Media Networking

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Do you remember the old book “How to Win Friends and Influence People“? Maybe you had to read it in a college communications class?

Well, it seems like all the tips from that book flew out the window once the social age was born. But is that actually true?

We think it’s perfectly possible to use the internet and create true social media networking connections.

Learn how below.

Use Influencer’s Fans

If you’re only using social networks to connect with friends and family, you’re not going to expand your network. Sure, you may find a cousin you forgot about along the way – but does that move your career?

You need to seek out people in your field that you can connect with online. Is there an influencer or role model you really like? They more than likely have a page you can “like”. That page will have other like-minded people on it.

When they post something, respond in the comments. Even though there’s a good chance that influencer will never see it. Them responding to you is a pipe dream.

You’re more interested in the other people who like the page and their comments. When you see other people commenting, respond to it. If they mention their business, check it out.

Message them and tell them what you thought of their landing page or whatever comment is relevant to your industry. Those are the friends that matter.

Who knows? That may be your future best man/maid of honor or your business partner.

Join Communities

There are also lots of groups you can join on Facebook-themed around anything you can imagine. If you buy a digital product from someone established in the industry, many of them come with a Facebook discussion group.

If you buy into a course or a webinar and that’s an option – take advantage of it. Remember the super fans on the influencer page?

They can be influential to your life – but the people in the relevant group WILL be. They’re more tuned in and think like you when it comes to business.

Make relationships with these people. Encourage their businesses as you’d like them to encourage yours.

If they posted a really cool article about security officer training requirements, share it with your network.

This is how you build a network. Through consistent and whole-hearted support.

It’s a Two Way Street

Some of these groups and pages will have posts like “tell us what you do” or occasional “promote your business here”. Those are posts you’re welcome to comment on – once.

Don’t use that post for your advantage and forget about it. If you want other people to engage with your information, actually engage with theirs. Follow them on Instagram or go like their Facebook page.

It will literally take seconds out of your day but you’ll build trust with your colleagues.

Social Media Networking

When it comes down to it, the more authentic you are with how you engage with people, the better you’ll do. People can tell when you’re just talking to them to get a like or a follow.

Don’t be like that when it comes to social media networking. You don’t have to become best friends with everyone you meet, but when you choose to engage, do it with purpose.

You’ll be the next Dale Carnegie in no time. Want to learn more about social media for business? Click here.

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