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Is Social Media Having a Positive Impact on Education? (Hint: Yes, It Is!)

social media in education

Unlike popular belief, social media can have a positive impact on education. Here’s a guide to understanding the positive role of social media in education.

The world is a scary place, and the internet sometimes reflects that. We hear about the negative side of social media all the time.

But there is also a truly positive side of social media in education. A connected world puts us in touch with a wider world of possibility and learning.

Keep reading to explore some of the best ways that social media is affecting education.

The Impact of Social Media on Children

The honest truth is that no one knows how social media affects children. Marshall McLuhan, the great philosopher of media said: “The medium is the message”. No one knows what the message of social media is yet, it’s too new a medium.

But it’s a reality that every child now faces. There is no way around it. Even for children whose parents forbid them from using social media, they are still affected by the social environment they live in where everyone else is using it.

Everyone Touches Everyone

Social media connects us. How we use those connects will determine our destiny. Social media can connect students and educators to resources in amazing ways never seen before.

Teachers can share lesson plans and ideas through social media. Just seeing others act can lead to inspiration. Reading an inspiring story can inspire you to take action yourself.

There is a natural connection between social media and education. Both are concerned with all of society. The media is the action of people living together, and education is the preparation of the person to live in society.

Social Media in Education

Education drives a sort of sameness in people, and that’s a good thing. We all have to understand the meaning of the words so that we can function in the world. But our differences can also be a form of strength, and social media can help us understand and learn about those differences.

Educators can use technology to find social resources that aren’t available through official government education channels. Imagine a science classroom that is teaching a lesson on insect reproduction. A teacher uses social media to find a local beekeeper and organizes a field trip to the bee keeper’s facility.

Professional educators can reach out and connect with other professionals. One on one connections, and the ability to interface with large educational organizations abound. You can use social media to find the people who can empower you to engage with incredible educational opportunities that were never available in an unconnected world.

Society is blossoming with all sorts of special education programs. From a school designed for special needs students to an AP Capstone Program, by reaching out on social media a new universe of opportunities for education can present itself to you.

Social media education itself is becoming a field of inquiry. You can use social media to educate yourself about social media itself!

It’s a Connected World

The human world is becoming connected in ways we can hardly understand. Like the industrial revolution, the social revolution is transforming the way we live and learn faster than we can even comprehend. The landscape is transforming as new techniques to incorporate social media in education blossom into original vistas of opportunity.

There is so much more to learn about social media. Check out our blog for more amazing insights.

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