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Brand Awareness: How to Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media

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Integrating your email marketing with social media will boost your brand awareness and skyrocket your business. Learn here how to integrate the two properly!

Integrating your email marketing with social media will boost brand awareness and can potentially skyrocket your business.

Your email marketing efforts are one of the few components of your business that can’t be controlled by outside factors. While Facebook could change tomorrow, your email list is always going to be yours.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you maximize the list of people who trusted you enough to give away their information. And the best social media tips and tricks deserve to be exposed in more ways than just cross-platform.

Here’s how to integrate the two!

1. Encourage Social Media Engagement Through Email

Conventional wisdom says that email lists are dead and that social media is the new king. The truth is, social media and email marketing are both very effective tools, and email marketing integration isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Is email social media? Not quite, but research shows it’s still the most effective way to generate sales for your business. So don’t write it off.

The first key to integration is to introduce and promote your social media platforms to your email lists. Give people another way to find you that they perhaps have not yet.

2. Invite Your Social Media Members To Join Your List

The exact opposite approach is also quite effective. Email marketing is anything from dead, so it’s your job to get your social media fans closer to you by subscribing to your list.

Whether you run campaigns or promotions, find ways authentic and valuable to you and your audience to get people to take the next step in building their relationship with you.

3. Streamline Your Brand

Your email and social media platforms should all exist under the same name. Using even slight variations of your brand’s name will lead to confusion and can also affect SEO rankings.

For example, “Tim Ferriss” and “The Tim Ferriss Show” are close, but not identical. It’s better to choose one and stick with it for both email and social media so that people don’t get confused.

Your social media email should also be the same as the normal email you use with your domain. It’s helpful that popular email providers like Google mail allow you to integrate your brand’s name right into their interface. This article shows you how to do that.

4. Create A Community

Perhaps you meet your fan base in the middle. Perhaps you’ll consider building a community, like a Facebook group or Slack community that you can encourage both social media subscribers and email subscribers to join.

This makes it less about which is more important– social media vs. email– and finds all your supports in one place, eager to hear your message.

How To Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media- Wrap-Up

The key on how to integrate email marketing with social media is to make it easy for people from both places to come together and be excited about what you’re doing.

Make it easy for them to know what you’re up to (and less confusing) by streamlining your brand. Even consider creating a community where users from both can meet you in the middle.

Here’s where you can check out more social media for business tips. Enjoy!

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