5 Eye-Opening Addiction Quotes That Will Spark Conversation on Social Media

addiction quotes

Addiction is a real and common affliction within our society. Create dialogue through social media by sharing and discussing these 5 addiction quotes.

Addiction is a horrible condition that affects many people. From your friends and family to the celebrities you admire, you never know who addiction will strike next.

When trying to deal with and understand addiction, there are various tidbits of knowledge to know. Some of these pieces of knowledge come in the form of quotes from famous figures.

Here are a few eye-opening addiction quotes that are sure to spark conversation on social media.

1. “Addiction- When You Can Give up Something Any Time, as Long as It’s Next Tuesday.”

This famous quote from Nikki Sixx is perhaps the best way to explain what addiction truly is. Many addicts fail to acknowledge their issues, claiming that they have control of the situation.

What they fail to realize is that drugs ultimately have control and that getting off drugs is never something that is easy to do. If you want to start a conversation on addiction, this quote is definitely one that will have more insecure addicts talking.

2. “Quitting Smoking Is Easy, I’ve Done It Hundreds of Times.”

Always the humorist, Mark Twain gifted us with perhaps the funniest of all addiction quotes. This quote, though, does make you think and truly states one key problem with addiction.

What Twain was trying to say here is that quitting drugs is relatively easy. The most difficult aspect of addiction is staying off these drugs. This is why many heavy drinkers need to see a Stop Drinking Expert to truly beat their addiction.

3. “Addiction Doesn’t Kill the Addict. It Kills the Family, Kids and People Who Tried to Help!”

Though we don’t know who this addiction quote is from, it is a very true one. This quote makes addicts understand who their addiction is truly hurting, which usually ends up being the people they are closest to.

There are many positive aspects of social media, and this message may deliver one of them. It will help your addict friends to prioritize their life and what they value over drugs.

4. “Addiction Is a Tough Illness, and Recovery From It Is a Hard but Noble Path. Men and Women Who Walk That Path Deserve Our Support, Encouragement, and Admiration.”

This message from Sheldon Whitehouse is more for your non-addict friends than for drug addicts. This message helps spring action among those people who know something is wrong but don’t do anything to help with someone else’s addiction recovery.

5. “No One Is Immune From Addiction; It Afflicts People of All Ages, Races, Classes, and Professions.”

This quote from Patrick J. Kennedy is one of the most important to remember about drug addiction. Truly, drug addiction can affect anyone. Young or old, rich or poor, no one can truly be safe.

This message will be sure to help your friends keep an eye out for drug addiction and be wary of any signs towards it.

The Truth Behind These Addiction Quotes

These addiction quotes all discuss various different aspects of addiction. They all speak to various people, whether they are drug abusers or are simple bystanders.

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