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What Are Instagram Shoutout Pages? How Can They Help You?

Instagram Shoutout Pages

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many small businesses are beginning to move to digital platforms. With over 30 million small businesses in the United States, it can be hard to stand out. If you’re a small business, using social media can help boost your brand relevance. 

One of the most popular social media apps used by small businesses is Instagram. Instagram started as an application for sharing photos and videos. Now, Instagram is a valuable tool for small businesses. 

Are you looking for ways to boost your follower count and engagement rates? Instagram shoutout pages are easy and effective ways to improve your Instagram presence. Read on to discover how to use shoutout pages. 

What Is an Instagram Shoutout?

On IG, you can promote another account by mentioning their user address. Many put username tags on photos or videos on a post or on their story. A user may get a shoutout for free or by paying an influencer. 

You can also promote another user through your live feed, story, or IGTV. Shoutouts are great techniques for building your brand and growing your audience. If you want to improve your social media presence, IG shoutouts are beneficial. 

Types of Instagram Shoutouts

Shoutouts are great marketing techniques for digital online businesses. There are several ways to shoutout someone on IG. Here are some of the different shoutouts you can get on Instagram. 

Shoutout For Shoutout

Shoutout for a shoutout or S4S benefits you and the other party. Another user will promote you on their account and you will do the same for them. This allows both users to receive for engagement. 

Users have an agreement to mention each other on both accounts. S4S is great for businesses that you align with or if you share similar products. These can help you grow your current audience with your partner. 

Paid Shoutout

When getting paid shoutouts, you pay users to help publicize your brand on Instagram. Many small online brands work with influencers to build their following. Payment for shoutouts does not always come in money. 

You may pay users for their service with a free subscription or package. Influencers will mention your account address on their account. They may also include links to your account or website. 

On average, brands pay around $100 and $2000 for influencer posts. Paid shoutouts are a popular trend and tool in the online marketing community. Consider getting paid shoutouts for your IG business account. 

Voluntary Shoutout

Voluntary shoutouts come from customers on IG who feel pleased with your products. This type of shoutout is free and maybe the best type of shoutout. A happy customer may share a photo using your product, encouraging more to check out your brand. 

Voluntary shoutouts are more effective than paid shoutouts. Other IG users view this type of shoutout as more authentic. Satisfied customers on IG generally include a link to a brand’s account on their story. 

You may find many Instagram shoutout pages with the right keywords. 

How to Shoutout a Page on Instagram

Instagram shoutouts are valuable tools in growing your brand on IG. Building your brand with this technique may not be easy at first. But if done right, IG shoutouts can reap many results. 

Here’s how to start doing Instagram shoutouts. 

Find Users With Similar Content

A good way to start building your brand is by finding other brands with similar content. Check for relevant pages that deliver similar products or services to you. This gives you an audience base that you can aim for on your page. 

You may find users by using relevant hashtags. Enter a hashtag on Instagram’s search bar to discover more accounts. You may also consider using influencer tools like BuzzSumo and BuzzStream. 

Find Users With Similar Follow Counts

If you’re starting as a small account, look for users who have similar follow accounts. This allows you to set up an agreement with mutual benefits. User accounts with similar follow counts are more likely to work together. 

Reach out to Instagram shoutout pages with similar follow counts. This allows you to set up a shoutout for shoutout agreement. This benefits both parties and can help both user accounts grow. 

Reach Out

Before you ask for shoutouts on an Instagram page, reach out to them. Liking their posts and leaving positive comments can help you get noticed. Many brands start their outreach by following other users and engaging with them. 

Simple interactions like liking and commenting can help build rapport with your audience. Users are more likely to accept a shoutout request if they already know the account. After doing your outreach, you can try reaching them more directly. 

You can contact a user through Instagram’s direct message or through email. Start with a simple conversation before making your proposal. Consider praising their feed and content, then making your proposal after they reply. 

Enter a Shoutout Contest

Many IG users and influencers host shoutout contest. In the contest, users ask their followers to follow some instructions. The lucky winner may get a free shoutout on that user’s page. 

IG accounts with large follow bases host shoutout contests to expand their reach. If you’re first starting out on Instagram, entering a shoutout contest may be a good opportunity. Many small IG pages participate in large contests hosted by bigger accounts. 

Contests from bigger accounts are a great opportunity to grow your following base. Consider joining the next shoutout contest you see. 

Use Instagram Shoutout Pages to Your Advantage! 

Social media presence is essential in running an online business. Instagram is one of the most valuable platforms with many great tools to build your brand. Instagram shoutouts are simple but effective ways to build your brand. 

Instagram shoutout pages can help you increase your following base. Now you know how Instagram shoutout pages work! Use these tips to build your account today. 

Of course, social media marketing doesn’t end here. To pick up even more methods and strategies, feel free to read our other guides right here, today!

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