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4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Effective Event Advertisement

Social Media Advertisement

Maybe you’re throwing a party, or perhaps you’re arranging a festival. In any case, you’re putting on a big event.

While things are going swimmingly, you’re wondering: how exactly should you advertise this thing? The options are endless, but perhaps the best of the bunch is to use social media.

Are you wondering how you can use social media for effective event advertisement? Then read on. Here are four social media event marketing tips.

1. Share Your Event in Groups

One of the best ways to advertise your event on social media is to share it in groups, particularly groups on Facebook. These groups are filled with a wide variety of individuals, most of which won’t be on your friends list. As such, you can reach thousands of strangers in just a short amount of time.

Now, you have to be careful not to spam these groups. Most group admins scowl at that sort of behavior. But if your event is relevant to the group in question, you should feel free to post.

2. Use Hashtags

When it comes to social media marketing, hashtags are a beautiful thing. These are available on all major social media platforms but are most prominent on Twitter and Instagram.

By creating a hashtag for your event, you enable others to share and communicate about your event in a simple and convenient manner. Over time, as this hashtag gains prominence, it can turn your event into a viral sensation.

Make sure to be clever with it. Keep it under three words and make those words snappy. The easier it is to remember, the better off you’ll be.

3. Hold a Sweepstakes

Another form of social media event advertising is to hold sweepstakes. Create a post instructing other users to share that post. Within the post, inform readers that those who share will be entered for a chance to win free tickets.

You’d be surprised at how many people will share such a post and at how quickly it can spread from person to person. It could even go viral.¬†And while, yes, you’ll have to compensate a person or two, it’s a small price to pay for substantial amounts of publicity.

4. Share Regularly

The last thing to make sure of when advertising events on social media is to share information about the events regularly. Ideally, you’ll share something about your event 3-5 times a day, doing so on all of the major social media platforms.

The more you share, the more exposure you’ll get. The more exposure you get, the more tickets you’ll end up selling.

Social Media Event Advertisement Is Easier Than It Seems

As you can see, social media event advertisement is fairly simple to facilitate. Just use the strategies discussed above, and your event is sure to have a great turnout.

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