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5 Important Social Media Safety Tips to Keep Your Identity Private

Social Media Safety Tips

If your social media account hasn’t experienced a hack, it could only be a matter of time before you fall victim to one. You probably know someone who sent an uncharacteristic private message or post, followed by an alert that their account suffered a hack. While this is becoming increasingly common, it’s not the worst that can happen when hackers get into your social media information. 

Cyber hackers target social media accounts to scour for personal information and cause havoc. Even with password protection, your accounts (and identity) could be at risk! 

What can you do to keep your identity private? Follow these five social media safety tips to protect your account.

1. Use Privacy Settings

We know it can be a hassle to find the security or privacy settings for each social media platform. Once you find them, it can feel like tedious work to figure out the best settings to protect your social media account’s privacy. 

However, those settings are there for a reason! Learn how to find and enable the privacy settings that help you feel most comfortable. While some settings can restrict who sees and shares your posts, it might be worth it to restrict some activities to protect your private information better. 

If you’re not confident in the security of your privacy settings, contact a company that can help provide additional levels of security. 

2. Be Aware Of What You Post

It might be your personal timeline, but putting information on the internet makes it accessible to a broad audience. If you want to remain private online, be selective about what you post on your feeds. 

Sometimes social media can feel like a blank audience to talk about your life. Be sure that your life’s details don’t put you at more risk of a hacker using personal data to cause harm.

3. Watch the Comments

Have you ever noticed a comment on a post that seemed entirely out of place? It’s possible a hacker or bot posted that comment, hoping someone would click it and allow access to private information. 

If a comment seems out of context or has nothing to do with your post, don’t click it. Delete it, then block the profile that posted it from accessing your posts.

4. Know Your Friends

Facebook “friends” aren’t always close friends. It’s critical to monitor your friends list and review friend requests closely before accepting them. 

Check to see how new requests relate to you or anyone on your current Friends List. If you can’t find a connection, accepting an unsolicited request could open the door to a hacker. 

5. Know How To Block

It’s okay to block people you don’t know or want to see your social media posts or information. Know how to block people on each social platform, then use that function as-needed.

Protect Yourself With Social Media Safety Tips

Social media is fun, but it can also be scary. Protect your identity with these social media safety tips!

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