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Influencer Marketing 101: 3 Tips for Increasing TikTok Engagement

Increasing TikTok Engagement

Relatively new in the trending social media sphere, the amount of views that can be gained by TikTok is astounding. And instant access to millions of views? That’s every influencer’s dream.

In the early days of TikTok, to blow up overnight was not an uncommon feat. But as the platform becomes more saturated with content, you’ll need a little more than luck. To improve your odds of TikTok stardom, here are three tips to boost your TikTok engagement to the levels of the elite.

The Art of the Caption

In the social media world, captions are critical. A good caption will give any member of your audience a solid idea about what they can expect from your TikTok, while also acting as a hook for anyone that is considering skipping to the next video.

To boost your TikTok engagement, a good strategy is using your caption to incite a conversation in the comment section. Ask an open-ended question that will encourage active conversation amongst your viewers, or say something thought-provoking, or even controversial if you dare.

The goal behind a good caption is to help keep your content relevant to as many people as possible. The more conversation, the better!

Avoid Blatant Advertising

Nothing drives away TikTok engagement like obvious advertising. Sure, promotions and brand deals are every TikTok’ers dream, but to ensure that they keep coming in you can’t allow them to chase away your audience.

Getting creative with advertisements is your time to shine. Try to work promotions into your content so that it becomes a part of the entertainment that you offer. Promotional TikToks should be equally entertaining, if not more, than your typical content to avoid chasing off an audience that came for entertainment, not your advertisements.

In the event you find your ads hurting your engagement, consider using a service that allows you to buy real followers. The surge of activity to your account will draw more attention to your content. Services such as Social Boosting can allow you to learn more about your content engagement as well.

Relationships Make TikTok Engagement

Creating an opportunity with other TikTok-er’s or social influencers to collaborate may seem like a daunting task, but doing so can make your views and followers skyrocket.

If you’re a small TikTok-er, it’s okay to start small too. No two users have identical user followings unless that count is zero! Begin building relationships by reaching out to other users of the app with content that is similar to yours and practice making joint content together.

Not only are collaborations early in your TikTok career good experience that will pay off in the future, but just gaining a few followers from shared content will boost your content in the TikTok algorithm as well.

Anyone Can Do It

A successful TikTok account won’t follow a single formula, but if you break apart the various formulas of popular accounts, there are definitely some reoccurring tricks that help boost their engagement levels.

Follow these three tips and you’ll see a surge in your TikTok engagement. And for more advice for your favorite social media platforms, check out our Tips and Tricks tab! You’ll be a TikTok pro in no time.

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