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Top 5 Essential Social Media Security Tips to Keep Your Account Ultra Safe

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Whether your social media account is for business or personal use, safety should always be priority. Read on to learn the top social media security tips.

Social media–whether for business or personal use–is part of daily life for most of us.

And unfortunately, that means facing the reality that there are people out there who could try to use it to get our personal information for their own nefarious purposes.

While data breaches at corporate level do sometimes happen, there are plenty of things we can each individually do to keep ourselves safe on social media.

Read on for 5 top tips to ensure your social media security.

1. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a double layer of protection that allows your social media accounts to be sure that you are who you say you are.

In addition to the usual username and password, a code will be generated either by an app or sent by text message to your confirmed mobile phone number.

This might seem cumbersome at first, but it’s a great way to put another layer between you and a potential hacker.

Head to settings, and under security settings, select ‘Two-factor Authentification,’ sometimes known as 2-step verification, or verify login requests. Each system will guide you through the steps to follow to get fully set up.

2. Use a Smart Password

If you’re still using your first school plus 123, don’t be surprised if your social media accounts come under attack. But how can you set up an unbreakable password?

The reality is that while you can’t, you can at least give it a good try. Tips include using the words of a song, maybe one from childhood you know off by heart, and using the initial letter of each word in a line.

You could then beef that up by swapping out some of the letters for numbers.

Other alternatives include dates that mean something to you but are not obvious to others.

3. Always Log Out

For convenience, most of our personal devices allow us to remain logged in, only kicking us out very occasionally as a security test.

However, this leaves them vulnerable to attack by anyone who happens to come across your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Much better to deselect ‘Keep me logged in’ and go through the hassle of reentering passwords to maintain your security. It’s especially vital that if you ever use a shared computer or that of a friend, you log out at the end of your session.

4. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Most social media users are regularly bombarded with friend requests from complete strangers.

Particularly when setting up a business account, it can be tempting to think “the more the merrier.” However, be careful–some will friend you and then use your information for malicious purposes.

Stick to those you know in real life, or those you can verify are bona fide people that you want to be connected with.

5. Get Professional Help

The data security picture is constantly evolving.

If this is not your core business, it’s good to get help from a company who can help you manage your social media security, along with other important IT functions.

Take the time to learn more about what an IT services company can do to keep your business safe.

The Takeaway: Taking Care of Social Media Security

Social media security is a big deal, and it’s not something that’s going away any time soon.

Follow our tips, including getting some professional help for business, and you’ll be able to grow your business, without the damage of cyber attacks.

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