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7 Ways to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing That Aren’t Cheesy

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Did you know that you can use emojis to improve your social media marketing? Read these emoji tips to learn how to use them correctly.

It took you 20 minutes, but you finally got the emoji keyboard activated on your mom’s new iPhone.

Now it’s got you thinking…Why haven’t you started using those little things more in places besides texts? Wouldn’t they be great for tweeting? For Instagram captions? For every social media marketing post ever?

Well, yeah, kinda.

Using emojis in your social media marketing campaign can work wonders for your outreach and audience impact.

But can’t emojis also get a little…cheesy?

Well, yeah. Kinda.

Check out these 7 emoji tips for when you should use those little yellow guys in your social media marketing content!

1. When Things Need a Little “Spicing-Up”

One of the major reasons you’re considering using emojis in your social media marketing is probably that your social media presence has started to feel a little…well…”blah.”

Maybe you’ve noticed you’re not getting much interaction from your intended audience–but, especially if your target market is the Millennial generation or other young, tech-savvy audience, emojis may be just what you need to finally catch their eye.

92% of Internet users are fluent in emojis. Those little yellow dudes, when used correctly, can breathe a little life back into your social media presence. Plus, because of their familiarity to your audience, emojis can be just what you need to get your audience feeling connected to all of your content.

2. When it Makes Sense

Now, it’s incredibly important to note that, although emojis can turn out to be a super powerful social media marketing tool, you probably shouldn’t just start posting emojis every time you end a sentence or even every time you make a social media post.

It may be tempting to get a little playful when it comes to emoji-use–because, after all, aren’t emojis meant to be playful??

Sure they are. But just because your favorite ones are the poop and purple shirt girl emojis doesn’t mean you should include them when you’re talking about unrelated content in your posts.

If audiences find that your emoji use is random or nonsensical, they’re bound to stop trusting your choices to some extent, and they’re more likely to be skeptical of your level of social media competency. Nobody wants that! Only use emojis when they make sense.

3. When it’s Tactful

Every social media marketing campaign has times when they post purely serious content. Even though much of your social media platform may be used to channel your company’s light-hearted ethos, and even though emojis may work perfectly well on an average day, it’s important to be tactful when posting more serious content.

Emojis are certainly among the more playful modes of Internet communication–and that’s great! It’s why we love them.

Just be careful when it comes to serious, somber, or controversial social media postings that you consider backing off on including your favorite yellow friends. It’s important that, although you’re fluent in emojis, you retain the ability to be respectful and professional.

4. When it Feels Natural

You know how, sometimes, using a certain emoji just feels…right? How, when your friend sends a hilarious recap of their night out, all you can think to send is a host of that crying-laughing guy?

When it comes to your social media marketing, you should feel open and inclined toward using emojis–but only when it feels natural.

Your audience is smart. Your audience knows how and when to use an emoji. They also know when emoji use feels forced or fake.

Don’t overload your content with emojis. Don’t include emojis that are being included just for the sake of being included. Use them when they feel natural to use; no more, no less.

5. When it’s Genuine

There may be nothing worse in the world of social media and virtual communication than the use of an emoji that comes off feeling condescending to its audience.

Bogus use of emojis can happen in a lot of ways and for a lot of reasons. However they happen, though, they’re sure to push some of your audience toward becoming skeptical of your trustworthiness as a brand.

Using inappropriate emojis, or emojis that are unrelated to your content can definitely come off as condescending. The use of too many emojis, too, can start to feel bogus, like you’re very pointedly using them to try to force a connection with your audience.

Be tactful and genuine in your emoji use. If you were writing the post for yourself only, which emojis would you use? How many?

6. When it Matches Your Brand

One of the more unsettling uses of emojis in a social media marketing context comes when a company or other platform uses emojis–but the mere use of the little faces just seems…off brand.

If your company or other social media platform has always remained staunchly professional, a sudden influx of emojis will feel out-of-character and untrustworthy. It may feel like a very obvious and pointed shift in branding for the thinly-disguised sake of connecting with a new sector of your market.

If your brand is one that could plausibly include emojis, go for it! If not, that’s okay, too. It’s important that companies remain true to their own branding and refuse to change in uncharacteristic ways, just in an attempt to adapt to the times.

7. When They’re Used Sparingly

And finally, the Golden Rule of emoji-use: Use them sparingly.

We’ve all texted briefly with the guy who ends every sentence with an emoji…or 4 of them. Emphasis on “briefly.”

The overuse of emojis in any context, and especially in social media marketing, can end up feeling overwhelming. Your message will start to feel overbearing, and the emojis themselves will start to seem sarcastic or juvenile.

Be thoughtful with the emojis you do decide to use; and remember, a few of those little dudes will go a long way!

Want More Emoji Tips?

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So, for more emoji tips and other tips on how you can step up your social media game, check out our page!

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