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These Are the Best Zero Carbon Tech Gadgets in 2019

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As tech geeks, we love our gadgets. They help simplify our lives. They help us get organized and keep up with the daily tasks we need to manage. But most of all, they’re cool and fun.

But as conscious consumers, many of us also want to do our part in helping to preserve the planet. After all, don’t you want the planet to be here for our children, our grandchildren and the generations that follow?

One way we can do our part in preserving the planet is to invest in zero carbon products.

In 2019 there are more tech gadgets being introduced to the technology marketplace because manufacturers know that our planet matters to us.

In this post, you’ll discover zero carbon tech gadgets that will help you make a difference. And you’ll feel good knowing that you’re contributing to making this world a better place.

Let’s hit it.

1.Vers iPod Speaker Dock

The Vers iPod speaker dock increases sound quality, but it also provides an abundance of environmentally friendly features. And another major plus is they are priced well.

These handcrafted speakers are made from cherry wood, not artificial wood or veneer. When you get them, you can’t help notice they are made from 100% recycled packaging materials. 

That’s replacing a lot of wasteful plastic materials that many speaker docks are made from. 

The unit’s class D amplifier uses 80% less energy than most other units. And it produces less heat as others, too.

With prime sound quality, good looks and eco-friendly materials at an affordable price, the Vers iPod speaker dock is a great choice for your next iPod dock.

2. Solar Generators

It’s no secret that solar technology rules the zero carbon space powering numerous products that cut our earth’s carbon footprint.

Solar generators come in a wide variety of sizes. They’re even portable. Just check out these solar generators at this company

3. Solar Keyboards

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that your computer uses a ton of power. When it comes to accessories you can cut down on energy by investing in a solar wireless keyboard.

It’s solar and wireless technology in one. You can be eco-friendly while you promote your business on social media.

Logitech is one of the brands who make solar wireless keyboards. Their sun-powered keyboard gets its power from the sun. But it also can be powered by artificial light.

Charge it and you’ll find three months later it will hold its charge. While it’s not made from wood yet, it’s just one-third of an inch in thickness and looks sharp 

4. Solar Bike Lock

Like up your bike in a whole new way! Introducing a smart lock that connects to your cellphone through Bluetooth. You can unlock the lock when you’re a few feet away by using your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

The Skylock solar bike lock will send alerts to you in the case of possible theft. It detects collisions and can share access with anyone in your network.

While it’s not more expensive than a simple bike lock, it could keep your eye on your bike. Well worth the extra money! You won’t have to buy a new bike if someone tries to steal it.

5. Automan 500 Subwoofer

This eco-friendly puts the conscious in audio environment equipment. The Automan 500 Subwoofer is constructed from hand-crafted materials made by local artists, including renewable wheat straw. How cool is that!

It’s also constructed with a bicycle tube, buckles and topped off with recycled tires. Nice to look at and providing quality acoustics, the Automan 500 Subwoofer is a zero carbon winner for any music lover.

6. Dell Studio Hybrid

Another way to reduce carbon emissions is with a product called the Dell Studio Hybrid. This system is one of the tiniest desktop personal computers manufactured to date.

The Dell Studio Hybrid is efficient. With more desk space, you’ll have more room to spread out while you work. The Hybrid has energy-saving Intel Pentium Dual Core processors and packaging made from 95% recycled materials.

The printed documentation that accompanies the PC contains 75% less paper by weight compared to competitive tower PCs.

7. Andrea Living Plant Filters

Another zero carbon gadget is living plant filters. These green filters work like an air purifier or an air filter. It uses real plants to offer a decorative flair to your living space. 

So much better than those sterile-looking contraptions that appear as they belong in a hospital. They help homeowners cut down on noise pollution. They aren’t loud like other air purifiers and filters and don’t take up much room. 

The best thing: you’ll remove hazardous VOCs and toxins from the atmosphere from real live plants.

8. Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag

While solar-powered bags have been on the market, this laptop bag is outstanding because the 17-watt generator is the first bag to generate enough energy to charge a laptop. No need to look for an electric outlet at Starbucks.

New in 2019, the Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag literally soaks up the sun’s rays to store in an onboard battery.

But the bag charges more than just laptops. It can also power gadgets, including MP3 players by using the supplied adapters, a USB port or a car charger.

The laptop bag fits anything 17 inches or less and the material is constructed from recycled soda bottles!

If your laptop is larger, consider a solar-powered backpack.

While it costs more than a typical laptop bag, imagine the capability of taking a road trip or relaxing under a shady tree while the sun powers your technology right next to you.

The Takeaway on Zero Carbon Tech Gadgets

Now that you’ve learned about eight really cool zero carbon tech gadgets that you can use for work and leisure, you can take another step to help reduce the carbon footprint.

It’s a great way to enjoy technology while playing your small part to help preserve the planet.

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