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8 Epic Instagram Story Ideas That Will Get You a Ton of New Followers

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet today. With one billion active monthly users, it has the power to reach and influence a global audience like no other platform.

According to research, Instagram engagement is 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times greater than Twitter. So this begs the question why would you not use Instagram for business?

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, Instagram stories is where you need to focus your attention. Here are 8 Instagram story ideas to set you on the right track…

8 Instagram Story Ideas for Increased Engagement

The facts are simple: Insta stories offers a unique insight into the workings of a brand. It allows consumers to feel closer to your brand, building trust and rapport.

Here’s how to dominate your Insta stories and build your following:

1. Blog and Website Promotion

This is a rather simple Insta story tactic but is probably the best place to start if you’re new to Insta stories. Every business should have its own website and a regularly updated blog. This presents a great opportunity for cross promotion.

Use your Insta stories to promote your website or a new blog post by creating a series of Insta stories dedicated to this. Add a link to your website or blog post or you can even sponsor the story to increase engagement.

Keep your Insta stories short, light-hearted yet professional. You only get 15-seconds per Instastory to capture attention, so make it count!

2. Handy How-to Guides

As an expert in your field, why not release a series of helpful how-to guides for your followers? These guides can contribute to their daily lives in some way and encourage the support of your brand.

For example, if you’re a car mechanic, film a few snappy Insta stories on how to easily change a tire. If you’re in the field of beauty, create an Insta story series on skin care for different skin types.

As a brand, there’s always something meaningful you can share with your customers. Show them that you care with these simple how-to guides!

3. Plan Your Day With Us 

This is a great way to offer a little insight into how your day begins and how you plan for the day ahead as a business. It allows your customers an insider peek at your daily operations, helping to build rapport.

Post a series of Insta stories early in the morning showcasing how one or more key employees start their day and plan for their duties.

This could involve Insta stories of their commute to work, breakfast, how they prepare a work station, prepare for a meeting etc. This lets your customers know that you are also ”real” people who value genuine interaction.

4. A Sneak Reveal at An Upcoming Project/ Product

If your brand is regularly bringing out new product ranges or has been working on a new project for some time, promote engagement with ”sneak peeks”.

Essentially, this Insta story campaign is designed to tease your customer and encourage them to keep an eye on your business movements. This type of campaign is meant to pique interest and promote the sale of your new product.

Don’t give too much away though- the emphasis is on ”sneak”!

5. The Motivational Tag 

Yep, the motivational quote never gets old and with over 1 billion users on Instagram, you never know who you could be impacting on any given day.

Use the motivational tag to create an Insta story series for first thing in the morning when most people need that motivation. Post something related to brand activity, brand identity, motivation from your CEO or an industry expert you look up to.

The truth is, you can never go wrong with a motivational quote or two!

6. Run a Series of Questions and Contests

First of all, Insta stories is all about engagement. And the best way to do this is to encourage comments and answers from your followers.

Create an Insta story series of questions or polls for your customers to answer. This questions could be related to your products, how you can improve, what your customers are looking for, recommendations etc.

This engagement helps to build a bridge between you and your followers through conversation.

Want to take things up a notch? Then run a contest via Insta stories. Compile a selection of prizes i.e. merchandise or services you’re willing to give away. After this, encourage your followers to take part with simple competition rules – nothing too complicated!

7. Promote a Limited, One-Time Offer

Get your customers talking with a well-timed promotion of a very specific product that they love. Better yet, you could use this Insta story idea to promote a new product that you’ve just released to market.

Insta stories are only valid for 24-hours, but this is not a limitation in this case. Instead, you can use this timeframe to your advantage to promote your limited, one-time offer.

8. Create a Buzz With Behind-the-Scenes Footage

This is hands-down one of the most popular Insta story series doing the rounds right now. By documenting the process of a new product launch or how a project takes shape, this gives your customers some insider know-how of their own.

Behind-the-scenes footage indirectly sells the viewer on your business by showcasing what you’re capable of and how you operate.

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