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5 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Standing in the Mental Health Field

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In an online sea of blogging, can blogging really help you?

The answer is a resounding yes. Content marketing earns a site triple the leads of a paid search campaign. That’s great news in the field of psychology, which has the two ingredients needed for a killer content strategy: a deep well of information and a receptive audience.

Not convinced? Here are 5 ways a psychology blog can help you succeed.

1. The Brain Dump

We weren’t kidding when we said content is king.

Valuable content draws visitors to your site and keeps them there. Psychology is an excellent field for blogging thanks to its wide appeal. 1 in 5 adults in the US struggle with mental health issues. Even those who don’t may go looking for answers.

A blog allows you to reach these people. Whether they’re looking for self-confidence or ways to overcome depression, you can give them ways to learn more information about the challenges they face.

2. Figure of Authority

In any medical field, authority is paramount. Your customers need to put trust in your brand, as it’s a literal matter of life and death.

Small medical businesses may struggle with this challenge. Customers won’t know them by name, which means the trust between brand and customer is at its weakest.

If a customer can visit you for authoritative, expert content, then they know they’re dealing with experts in the field.

3. SEO for Smart Minds

SEO is a deep and dense subject, so here’s the skinny: it’s how search engines find you.

And where a search engine can find you, so can customers. Blogs are a font of SEO-friendly content. That allows your blog to sit somewhere near the top of the search results, ahead of your competition.

4. Win Friends and Attract People

All of the above go hand in hand with one of the other benefits of maintaining a psychology blog: bringing in new customers.

The value that blogging adds to your site will bring new people to engage with your services. Interesting links can lead customers to discover you, even if they’re only visiting to answer a question.

Each time you put new eyes on your brand, you have a chance to make a new customer. With a blog, you’re increasing the eyes on your company, and your customers with them.

5. Thinking Aloud

A brand’s voice is sometimes all that sets it apart from its peers. Get your voice right, and you can get noticed in a sea of similar businesses.

With a blog, you can establish your voice and set the tone for how you interact with your customers.

Thanks to shareable content, you can take that voice to social media, as well. That extends the reach of your brand’s voice, bringing in new audiences.

Running a Psychology Blog for Your Business

We’ve seen how running a psychology blog can boost your business in multiple ways. We’ve hardly scratched the surface of the potential you can unlock in your brand, but these points should give you some idea.

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