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Do You Want to Become a Wiccan Social Influencer? 6 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Traffic

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Being Wiccan isn’t easy. Many people think you’re an evil witch who worships the devil, cackling over her cauldron.

Because of this, it may be hard growing your social media presence. But this makes it all that more important for you to get your name out there and create a good name for all Wiccans.

So to help you out, I’ve put together 6 ways to increase your social media traffic so Wiccans get a voice out there and let everyone know you’re all for peace and harmony.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reuse Content

Do you have a particular blog post or picture that you like and want everyone to see? Then don’t be afraid to share it, and then reshare it again!

You might be afraid of spamming your friend lists on various platforms, but the truth is, they won’t notice. Since post feeds are constantly updated, your initial post can be missed. By posting multiple times, you up your chances of people seeing and clicking on that post about crystal magic.

Don’t Overshare

Although it’s wise to share a post multiple times, you don’t want to be a spammer. Don’t just mindlessly share posts over and over again over a 24-hour period.

Instead, make a smart schedule; for instance, you might share a post once every week. Think about your own social media usage and apply that to how often you post on your own accounts.

2. Use Retargeting Tools

So maybe some people showed interest in your Wiccan site or social media accounts. But metrics show the number of people who’ve gone through a few touchpoints but haven’t followed through on actually engaging with you or your site.

A good way to get them to get into your content is to use retargeting tools. If you’re on Facebook, they have an audience builder tool called Facebook Pixel. Not only does it measure your visitors’ actions, but it also optimizes who your ads are shown to.

The most important function of Facebook Pixel is custom audiences. Here, you can put in any parameters you’d like.

We suggest adding your contacts list into any retargeting tools. Since these people already know you, chances are, they have an interest in Wicca.

Studies show it takes up to 8 touches to generate a “viable sales lead.” In your case, the “viable sales leads” are followers who are invested in what you have to post.

When you target people who know of you with your ads, you increase the chances of them finally clicking on something that interests them. Then boom, you’ve got yourself another loyal follower!

3. Create Eye-Catching Graphics

Humans are very visual creatures, so if you give them something that’s irresistible, they’ll click on it. A poorly created graphic can actually turn off someone from clicking through to your post, so think over your design carefully.

When you employ certain social media design tips, it’ll draw people’s eyes immediately to whatever you want to share. By starting out strong with clean and striking graphics, a lot of the work is done in driving traffic to your social media accounts.

If you’re planning on being an influencer on Instagram, then you’ll have to continue applying social media design tips there even more so. As a mainly-visual platform, Instagram has numerous influencers who’ve nailed their visuals. Make sure you do too.

4. Make Use of Social Media Buttons

You’ve seen how quickly things go viral, right? One second a post has five shares, then it has 500 in the next minute!

Obviously, what causes these posts to go viral is their interesting content. But another part of what facilitates that sharing fever is easy to use social media buttons.

How many times have you read a post you liked on your phone, gone to share it friends, but gave up because it was difficult to navigate? This obstacle can be eliminated with buttons and plugins.

With these tools, readers can share your intriguing witchcraft posts with the touch of a button. When you make things simple for your visitors, you’ll see your social media traffic rise dramatically.

5. Have Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practices

Engaging content will get you noticed in the sea of other bloggers and online personalities. Being Wiccan already gives you an edge against other influencers, but that might not be enough for you to get enough traffic.

Good search engine optimization (SEO) is vital if you’re a blogger. Without SEO, you’re shouting into the void, hoping someone will hear you.

When you use SEO, you find out and use the specific keywords your target audience is searching for. By sprinkling your text with these keywords, it’ll rank your blog higher on Google. That way, when someone Googles “witchcraft,” they’ll find your site on the top of the page.

Take The Witchy Mommy for instance. Not only does she have informative and interesting posts, but she also has good SEO practices. Learn more by visiting her blog site.

6.  Have Strong Call to Actions (CTAs)

People like to be told what to do. If you end your blog posts with strong CTAs, there’s a good chance they’ll click and follow through with whatever you’ve posted.

Consider your other related posts. If they’re of value, why not put it as a suggested reading at the end of your post? Then you’ll get even more traffic to other parts of your blog site!

Increase Your Social Media Traffic With These Tips

When you employ these social media traffic tips, you’ll definitely see more people coming to your Wiccan blog site. When you drive more media traffic to your social media, you’ll pique interest in your religion and educate them on what it actually entails. This is a great way to raise awareness and create positivity surrounding the Wiccan community!

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