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Social Media Recruiting Ideas to Tempt the Best Talent to Your Team

social media recruiting ideas

Whether you’re managing your recruitment in-house or use a specialist recruiter, consider using these top social media recruiting ideas to find the best talent.

The unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 4% which is near a record low. While low unemployment is great news for the economy, it’s not so great news for recruiters.

After all, with nobody looking for work, how can you attract top talent into the positions you need to get filled?

The solution we advocate for and one that recruiters are starting to rely on more is social media.

Social media has had the reputation of being a platform thats sole function is to push products. In reality though, it’s also a great platform to push culture and attract prospective employees.

Below, our team goes over some of the most widely leaned on social media recruiting ideas that could skyrocket your job filling efforts.

1. Post Open Roles

When it comes to social media recruiting ideas, the first thing you’ll want to make sure you’re doing is sharing job opening across your accounts. Doing so takes about 30 seconds and can immediately expand your open role’s reach.

When you share positions on social, don’t just publish a link to your job posting. Be sure to include a micro-description that gets prospects excited.

For example, if you were hiring a social media marketing coordinator for your shoe brand, saying something like,

“We have an outstanding opportunity for passionate people who love social media and love the idea of sharing their love of footwear with the world!”.

2. Give People a Peak Into Your Culture

Social media recruiting ideas don’t start and stop with just sharing job postings. To truly be successful as a recruiter on social media, you have to slowly make people aware of how great of a place your company is to work at.

You can do this by sharing culture!

Culture can be shared in a variety of ways.

You can share funny or insightful stories that took place in your office. You can share photos of you and your team working. You can stand for something as a brand and back key issues.

Whatever you can do to let people know how fun your place of work is and what your company cares about will do wonders in not only attracting candidates to your job postings but attracting the right candidates.

Read more here about how retained and contingency searches can help you be even more refined with your candidate search.

3. Participate in Conversations

Social media is a two-way street.

You say something and want people to engage with your message but people want you to do the same thing with their messages.

That’s why it’s important to read as much as you write on social media. If you see a discussion going on that your company can weigh in on, do it.

The more you get involved on social media by commenting on things, liking them, and engaging in similar ways, the more aware people are going to become of your brand.

That awareness will translate into people feeling comfortable in applying for open positions.

4. Get off the Beaten Path

Most people carry out their social media recruiting ideas on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like. But did you know that there are a ton of industry niche platforms that can also be valuable to your recruiting efforts?

For example, if you’re looking for experienced developers, a lot of your social media recruiting strategies should be carried out on GitHub in addition to mass-market social platforms.

Remember, the wider your reach, the better odds you have of attracting candidates. Always aim to take a platform diverse approach when it comes to your recruiting efforts.

5. Involve Your Team

Your recruiting team may be small. That reality makes it difficult to get your job posting out in front of every qualified candidate.

To expand your reach substantially, consider getting other members on your team involved.

For example, many of the top companies have headhunter programs where employees who bring qualified job leads to their recruiting team get some sort of a monetary reward.

These types of recruiting programs will inspire members of your team to share job postings on their social media accounts effectively doubling, tripling, quadrupling, etc. the amount of impressions job messages get.

6. Direct Message People With a Personal Touch

One of the most tried and true social media recruiting ideas is direct messaging qualified talent on LinkedIn. If you’re not doing that to some degree, we recommend trying.

The only thing is, when you do, be sure to personalize your message.

The truth is, qualified talent on LinkedIn get a ton of recruiters messaging them. Because of that, when they get a message that feels like a copy and paste, they’re much more likely to ignore your communication.

Doing something like adding a prospect’s name to your message and talking a little about what in particular you feel makes them a good fit for your position can go a long way in getting them to apply.

7. Complete Your Company Profile

We’ll round out our social media recruiting ideas with the simple suggestion of making sure your social profiles are complete.

Incomplete profiles look unprofessional and may even make prospects think that you’re a scammer.

The more professional your profiles look, the more confidence you’ll instill in candidates during your recruiting efforts.

Wrapping Up Social Media Recruiting Ideas to Tempt the Best Talent to Your Team

Above we’ve gone over 5 solid social media recruiting ideas that can tempt top talent to your team. We recommend using all of our suggestions in conjunction with one another to boost your recruiting efforts and get your most important positions filled fast!

For more information on how you can leverage social media to bolster your business, check out more of our content on Status Wish today!

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