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No More Devil Eyes! How to Avoid Red Eye and Fix It in Photos If It Happens

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Nothing ruins a perfect Instagram post quite like red-eye. Not only does it make the subject appear a little disturbing, but it also makes the photographer appear unskilled. People usually assume that the red eye is a basic issue that any good photographer can deal with.

Yet, the truth is that photographing a red eye can be one of the most difficult problems to overcome. Generally, it happens as a result of the camera’s flash reflecting off a person’s eyes. Yet, turning off the flash can lead to dark and barely-visible pictures.

Good nighttime shots mean having a camera capable of taking shots at night without a flash. That means its ISO needs to go low.

Even with a lower ISO camera, photographers still need to put in extra effort to avoid movement. It takes longer for low-ISO photos to actually take a shot, meaning there’s more time to for something to go wrong.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid red eye and what to do if it happens, so people will know you’re a real photographer.

See if Your Camera Capable of Avoiding Red Eye

The first thing you need to consider is your equipment. Most modern cameras include ISO setting which you can play with to take better night photos without a flash. The lower the ISO though, the longer it will take for your camera to actually take a picture.

So while you may be able to avoid red eye, since you won’t need a flash for dark photos, new issues can arise. Pictures taken with low-ISO settings are sensitive to movement, and the slightest nudge can ruin a photo.

Playing with your camera’s ISO setting is just one way to improve your photos, though.

Retouching Red Eye is Simple and Quick

Sometimes, it can’t be avoided – you just need to use that flash for something. And inevitably, you may get some shots with red eye in them. And since it may not have appeared in every shot, you didn’t see the issue until you sat down and got ready to post them.

Hope isn’t lost yet, though. Retouching photos to fix red eye is simple, and the tools to do it have been included in most modern photo editing software. All you need to do is download one, like Photoshop Express or any other, and it will walk you through what to do.

The Issue May Not Be Your Camera

If you’re noticing that one person consistently has red eye in your photos, while other people avoid it, there may be a deeper issue. Cataracts and other eye conditions can often cause light to reflect in ways that cause red eye.

If you notice this, reach out to the person and encourage them to contact an optometrist. You can even connect them with a local doctor by looking for one online. For example, if you’re in Kentucky, you can find a Kentucky eye doctor through the state’s Eye Institute.

Red Eye Can Make You Red With Anger

It’s an annoying problem that frequently avoids detection until the final stages of the photography process. It adds an extra step to the editing process and can make photos unusable without a bit of processing.

But luckily, they’re simple to fix and can be avoided through practice and experience. Learning how to avoid red eye is just one step on the journey to becoming a real photographer.

The more you learn, the better you get. So keep reading here, since we always keep our website stocked with tips on how to improve your social media game. Never stop learning, and you’ll never stop improving.

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