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Braces Selfie: 5 Major Keys to Be More Photogenic With Braces

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Your image matters more today than it did previous years. Dress nicely and look appropriately, and more people will respect you. But this is hard to do with braces.

Whether you’re taking a selfie for social media or are at a job interview, people may think down upon someone with braces. Even though braces are essential for oral health, people still associate braces with an elementary or nerdy appearance.

Fortunately, there’s still a way for you to look attractive with braces. And it all lies in your smile! Start practicing your brace-faced smile with a selfie. Here are 5 keys to taking a beautiful braces selfie.

1. Clean Your Braces

What’s worst than posting a cute picture on Instagram, only for a piece of food to be stuck in your braces?

Dirty braces can easily ruin a photo. Even if you’re a supermodel, this detail matters more than you think. Before your picture, brush your teeth and clean out your braces.

2. Don’t Use Your Flash

Lighting is everything. But it’s easy to turn on your flash for better illumination. If you have braces, avoid this. The extra lighting will catch every detail of your braces.

Instead, go in a room with great lighting and turn off your flash. You can even choose a filter to better conceal your braces and accentuate better features.

Finish your post with an interesting caption and people won’t know you have braces!

3. Have Great Posture

Good posture is vital for all pictures, even selfies.

Just because you’re not getting your full body in the shot doesn’t mean slouched shoulders look attractive. Good posture also makes you look more confident, which is more prevalent than your braces.

What’s a good selfie posture? Raise your chin and relax your shoulders.

4. Don’t Wear Sunglasses

You love your big-name sunglasses. It’s easy to snap a quick photo and show them off.

You may also wear sunglasses more in the summer and on the beach, two situations where selfies are favored. But if you have braces, wearing sunglasses in selfies is a big no-no.

The goal of selfie braces is to disguise your braces. Do this by showing off other attractive facial features.

For many, the eyes are the preferred feature. Sunglasses only cover this feature.

5. Find Alternatives

There are ways to make braces look less obvious, whether or not you’re taking a picture. You can choose many different colors of braces. White is the best option since it blends in with your teeth.

And if nothing else, there’s always Invisalign. These are clear retainers that no one can even notice. However, only certain patients qualify. Learn more about Invisalign here.

Snap the Perfect Braces Selfie

Sometimes, the best makeup and most beautiful face can’t hide a brace face.

With so much emphasis on social media and your appearance, taking a braces selfie can be difficult. But you can adjust your braces and maintain them to still take a beautiful picture.

Remember these tips and work it!

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