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11 Unique Social Media Marketing Examples of Products You Didn’t Think You Needed

social media marketing examples

Social media marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience. Here are some awesome social media marketing examples for innovative products in 2018.

Are you convinced your business doesn’t need social media marketing? You may want to reconsider.

Over 40% of the world’s population is active on social media.

Having a social media presence for your brand isn’t enough, however. Today’s audiences demand fresh, smart marketing tactics, with 76% of people saying social media influenced their purchasing decisions.

Even if you’re marketing a niche product, the right approach can yield big results. Keep reading for some of our favorite, strange social media marketing examples.

Flow Waterjet

Waterjet cutting technology is about as niche as it gets. Which makes it all the more surprising that Flow is killing it on their social media channels.

With almost 17,000 followers on Facebook, it’s a little shocking how popular the company is.

With that said, the company’s page, as well as this website, are great examples of how to make a dry (no pun intended) product fun. They do a great job of showing off their products in real, practical ways such as video content.

For instance, the company posted a satisfying video of a waterjet cutting through a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween. This is a great example of how you can have fun with your product, no matter how niche it may be.

Dollar Shave Club

From your local pharmacy to grocery and big box stores, you can buy a new shaving razor almost anywhere.

But despite the fact that razors are so commonplace, Dollar Shave Club wants to make the market a bit more fun.

By channeling a younger demographic through podcast advertising as well as a steady stream of YouTube videos, Dollar Shave Club’s approach is a great example of why finding your audience’s preferences matter.

They know the types of sites and media their audience consumes, and they went to them. Let this be a valuable lesson, your audience won’t come to you in the age of social media – it’s up to you to find them.


A few years ago, if you thought of Wendy’s, you may think of tasty chocolate Frostys or square burgers. But Wendy’s knew that they were in dire need of brand revitalization.

And boy, did they ever find it.

If you’ve yet to visit the Wendy’s Twitter account, you’re doing yourself a disservice. They’re among the smartest, sassiest, best brands on social media.

The best thing is that they’re not afraid to mention the competition. From clapping back by tagging other fast food chains and releasing an entire mixtape of diss tracks, Wendy’s shows that fearing your competition gets you nowhere.

Burger King

In contrast to their competition, Burger King’s approach is a little sillier. Case and point? Their recent promotion of a new sandwich dubbed the Nightmare King.

Burger King enlisted the aid of a sleep specialist to create a sandwich specifically designed to, you guessed it, give people nightmares.

If it sounds strange to you, we agree, but it got people talking.

Still, it’s great that Burger King isn’t content to rest on their laurels. Trying new things, no matter how peculiar, is always recommended in social marketing.


Slack is a fantastic example of a brand letting their product speak for itself. They know that their audience could send an email, but their entire aim is to hurry the office communication process.

Instead of pushing their product, Slack’s posts focus on the customer’s needs. Namely, they do so by posting great content and catchy status updates.

From articles on office culture to guides on communication, Slack knows the importance of a laid-back, non-pushy sales approach.

Apartments, uh, find a way.

When you think of Critics Choice Award winner Jeff Goldblum, you likely don’t think about renting apartments. But that’s what makes the partnership between him and such a great success.’s Jeff Goldblum campaign is one of the best examples of social media done right. Be strange in your advertising.

As long as your product and messaging are in place, a weird ad beats a boring post almost every time.


Never underestimate the value of viral marketing. On the surface, Poo~pourri is about as niche as it gets.

Convincing people to buy potpourri for their bathroom seems like a challenge, to say the least, especially when many bathrooms have fans and windows to aid with unpleasant odors.

But the company proved that ingenuity wins out every time with their famous “Girls Don’t Poop” along with about a dozen other silly videos featuring a cheerful young woman talking about her bathroom habits.

How effective was the ad campaign? The former currently has over 41 million views!


Nostalgia is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. And though Lego does, indeed, leverage their audience’s love of the popular brick toys in their social marketing, they don’t rely on it.

Check out their royal wedding-inspired posts, for instance. They do a great job of mixing nostalgia with creativity and timeliness for a fun, cute way to get some attention.


Say what you will about Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but he proves that there’s no need for the head of a company to be silent on social media.

In fact, much of Tesla’s social success is likely due to retweets from Musk, as the CEO has 23.4 million followers compared to Tesla’s 3.09.


Fast food restaurants are absolutely killing it these days. While Arby’s isn’t as sassy as Wendy’s or strange as Burger King, like Lego, the company prefers creativity and pop culture.

With creative posts mixing their fast food items with video games, movies, and more, Arby’s’ account is a great reminder that it’s okay to let your fandom show. In fact, leveraging timely releases in your posts can get you some extra engagement.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

How many local animal shelters have almost 2 million followers? We’d guess not many.

But thanks to their cheerful, upbeat demeanor and cute pup posts, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is one of the best brands on social media for those who want to see how emotion can factor into marketing.

These Unique Social Media Marketing Examples Prove It Pays To Think Outside The Box

Each of these social media marketing examples proves that no matter how niche your product may be, it’s possible to run an effective, successful campaign.

By taking lessons from each of these 11 examples, soon you’ll be one of the best brands on social media, too.

But before you start posting, you’ll want to learn what not to do. Check out our guide on what you should never post on social media and avoid making a business blunder.

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