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4 Things Employee Should Never Post on Social Media

things you should never post on social media

As of last June, HR Drive found that about 81 percent of all Americans have at least one social media profile.

While plenty of people use their social media profiles to catch up with old friends and distant family members, social media is creating a distinctly 21st-century problem when it comes to internet etiquette.

Business owners and employees alike are struggling to find a balance between what’s appropriate for an employee to post on social media and what’s an offense worthy of firing.

You can avoid the latter by playing it smart and reading this list. Here are four things you should never post on social media if you want to keep your job.

1) Public Grievances

Even if you have a great job that you enjoy, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually find yourself frustrated with your coworkers or employers.

That’s more understandable than you may think, actually.

However, in order to keep a sense of professionalism — and possibly your job — don’t use social media posts to vent your frustrations.

Even if your profile is set to private, coworkers on your friend list can screenshot your status and send it to your boss.

It’s perfectly natural to vent. Just do so in private, away from the public eye.

2) Details About Payment

Perhaps you feel undervalued at your job. You may even feel that you’re not getting paid what you’re worth.

Don’t create a paystub drama by posting details about finances on social media. Out of all the things you should never post on social media, this has a tendency to make people the most uncomfortable.

Coworkers may find out that they’re earning more or less than you, leading to a whole lot of unnecessary workplace drama.

Problems with payment need to be handled internally by your employer’s HR department.

3) A Public Resignation

For what it’s worth, we can’t believe that we have to mention this, either. And yet, it hasn’t stopped plenty of people from having social media meltdowns and quitting their job in front of the entire internet.

Whether you’ve found a better work opportunity or simply can’t stand your job, avoid the temptation to take a stand and quit online for two reasons:

First, it makes you look petty. Your friends are going to see your public resignation and think you’ve lost your mind.

Second, and most important, it makes you virtually unemployable. Companies search candidates’ social media channels during the hiring process.

A hiring manager stumbling across a rant where you quit your job is going to ensure that you don’t get so much as an interview.

4) Offensive Posts

On the internet, you’re pretty much free to express yourself, no matter what your views.

But remember that you’re not free from the consequences. Sharing or posting sexist, hateful, or hurtful rhetoric is a fast way to get fired from your job or disqualified from a job search.

Food For Thought: Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

As we struggle to find a balance between our personal and professional lives, it’s important to avoid posting the wrong thing on your social feed.

Before hitting ‘Post’ ask yourself two questions:

1) Does this need to be said?

2) Is it worth losing my job over?

For tons of great ideas on wholesome social media posts, check out our status updates sections!

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