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How to Make a Computer Faster for Running Social Media Software

Slow Computer Loading

“Will my computer run it?” In most cases, yes!

Many people struggle to perform certain tasks on their computers, such as running social media software. However, this usually isn’t due to having an old computer. Instead, it’s often caused by malware that overloads the computer’s processor.

While many people think their only option is to purchase a new computer, there are several ways to speed up your computer, no matter if it’s a desktop or laptop. Understanding how to make a laptop faster will also allow you to save money because high-end laptops are often expensive.

Keep on reading to learn how to make a computer faster by using several methods! 

System Restore

One of the first things you can do to make a computer faster is to do a system restore. A system restore essentially resets your computer back to a certain date. Doing this will get rid of any programs that were installed after the selected date.

A system restore can speed up your computer because many people download programs by accident that end up running in the background. As more programs are running in the background, your computer’s processor will slow down due to how many things it has to manage.

This method can also come in handy if you suspect that your computer has a virus because the reset will get rid of it. However, some viruses will continue to linger after the system restore because their files are copied during the process.

When a file is copied during a system restore, there’s a chance that the virus will affect other files and spread throughout the computer. 

Scan for Malware

Viruses are some of the main causes for a computer to slow down. Most viruses will use up a lot of CPU-power, so it won’t have the ability to properly manage all of the running tasks.

While a system restore can potentially get rid of one, you won’t know if you have a virus unless you scan for it. Using the malware scanner of your choice, you can detect a virus and delete it from your system.

Keep in mind that if you delete the virus, there’s still a chance that it could be in your system because of its effect on other files.

Most browsers will inform you if you’re about to download a file that could harm your computer. Whenever you’re looking for programs online, use your best judgment to determine whether a site look’s safe to download something from.

Reinstall Windows

The most effective way to get rid of a virus and speed up your computer is to reinstall Windows. This effectively removes all programs from your system, including the virus, and reinstalls the operating system with its core programs.

By reinstalling windows, you’ll lose everything on your computer. If you want to keep something specific, you should store it on a removable storage device so that you may use it after the installation. However, ensure that whatever you’re keeping doesn’t have malware or else your new Windows will be affected.

If you have a Mac, you can check out to learn about how to clean it.

Run Fewer Applications

Running a ton of applications at once will slow your computer down in the same way that a virus does. When it comes to running social media software, you’ll need to have a lot of processing power available so that you can effectively perform tasks.

Whenever you’re running the software, it’s best to close any applications that you’re not using. Even if you click on the “X,” you should check that the program isn’t running in the task manager. 

Try to stray away from programs that use a lot of processing power, such as Google Chrome. You can opt for browsers like Firefox if you’d like to browse the web while working on other tasks. 

Get a Better Processor

The processor is the most important part of the computer as it’s responsible for running all of the tasks. As you load up more programs, your processor will start working harder because it has to multitask.

Depending on how much power a program requires from the processor, your computer could end up slowing down simply because the processor isn’t strong enough.

If you had a high-end processor, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference with the performance if your computer had a virus or you’re multitasking with heavy apps.

Replacing a processor is much easier when it’s done on a desktop because all of the parts are interchangeable. When it comes to a laptop, you may have to purchase a new laptop because they use specific parts that desktops can’t use.

Laptops are also difficult to work on because the processor is usually designed specifically for the motherboard. With a desktop, you can use any processor providing that it has the same chipset and socket type.

Now You Know How to Make a Computer Faster

It’s not unusual to hear someone ask, “can my computer run faster?” After reading this article, you should now understand how to make a computer faster by using several methods. Don’t think that you have to buy a new computer just because it starts slowing down.

If you’re having trouble with your computer, we encourage you to start scanning it for malware to see if something is affecting your computer’s performance. Doing this will save you the hassle of having to upgrade parts or reset the computer.

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