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How to Create Social Media Schedules for When You’re on Vacation

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Over 3 billion people use some form of social media. That’s almost half the world’s population.

Given the prevalence of social, many businesses have doubled-down on the investment that they’re putting towards engaging with customers across various channels. Hence the birth of the “social media manager” position which, if you’re reading this post, you’re likely familiar with.

With media schedules for social needing to be constant to maintain momentum, it can be hard to go on vacation if you’re the posting point person. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to step away from your phone/computer for a few days without letting your team down.

Here’s what we suggest…

1. Schedule Content for Posting

If you’re going to be away for a certain amount of days, lock down your media schedules for that time so you know what will be going out and when.

With a media schedule locked in place, barring any special circumstances, your posting should take care of itself.

As an aside, if you’re counting on somebody physically posting each of your social updates per your schedule, consider transitioning to more reliable software solutions (Tailwind, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.) which you can set and forget.

2. Put a Person in Charge

In the world of social, things tend to crop up that you can’t anticipate. Unless you want to be tapped insistently to put every fire out while you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere, put somebody else in charge.

Anyone well-versed in the basics of what you do should be more than adequate to fill your shoes while you’re away. Just remember that different people have different ways of doing things and that you should give your sub the autonomy to manage problems in their unique way rather than pressuring them to fit your mold.

3. Avoid Controversial Posts

Controversial posts are great for stirring up excitement online. While you’re away though, you probably don’t want too much excitement brewing in case it leads to a  need for intervention.

Consequently, be sure your social content is slightly vanilla while you’re away. You can always make up for your soft week by going big the moment you clock back into the office.

4. Notify Your Team That They Can Nudge You in Emergencies

Some problems are too big for a temp worker to manage. In these cases, let your point-person know that they can call you directly for emergencies.

Stating that you’d like a phone call for emergencies as opposed to an email will make it so your team will think very hard before disturbing you given the personal nature of the medium.

5. Put Your Phone Down and Have Fun

There are likely a million things to do that you’re better served paying attention to while vacationing instead of work. Take the time to focus on those things.

You only get a vacation or two a year. Don’t make yours about what’s happening at the office.

With the Right People and Planning, Media Schedules Will Move Along Without Your Help

We all like to think that the world would stop if we dropped off of it. The truth is though that none of us are as integral as we want to believe we are.

Keeping that humble attitude in mind, step away from your media schedules with confidence when you’re going on vacation. Everything will be okay!

If you need more advice on social topics that are relevant to you, check out more of the content on our blog!

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