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Go Team! Facebook Sports Marketing Tips to Engage More Fans

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In the sports world, every team has two sets of fans: those who are rooting for them in person, and those who are rooting for them from behind their smartphone screens.

It’s relatively easy to engage the first group, but what are you doing to engage the second one?

Research shows that 59% of people in the United States are sports fanatics, and the majority of them use Facebook for discussing sports. So, if you’re not taking steps to keep your online fan base engaged, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to inspire more team spirit.

Here’s a rundown on Facebook sports marketing tips that you can start using today to engage more fans.

Let’s get started!

Facebook Sports Marketing Tips: Share Your Pre-Season Training

Truly die-hard fans would be ecstatic to see what’s going on behind the scenes of their favorite sports organizations.

What better way to do this than to give them a glimpse of your pre-season training sessions on social media?

For instance, you can produce stimulating photo journals that document your team’s off-season training.

This is the perfect way to keep the conversation going and raise awareness about your team even during your downtime.

Post Game Highlights

When it’s game time, use Facebook to share pictures and video throughout your team’s games. This makes it easy for fans on Facebook to easily follow along even when they can’t physically watch the game on television.

Game highlights that don’t take much time to post include compelling images and quick game stats.

Highlight Someone in Your Organization

Facebook is an excellent medium for paying homage to an important person in your organization, whether it is a player, a coach or a lesser-known person who works in the back office.

You can honor these individuals by creating small profiles of them. It’s an ideal way to create a community around the organization. After all, human stories are ultimately more meaningful than series of game plays.

If you’ve got a team member who is especially worth of attention, profiling them is a great way to help your faithful fans to learn more about them.

Who knows — these profiles may make them stand out among talent scouts or even earn awards, like those available through Trophies Plus Medals.

Promote Community Contributions

Fans love what their favorite teams do not only on the field but also off the field. That’s why it’s a good idea to showcase their community contributions on Facebook as well.

If your team has provided significant support to a charitable foundation, don’t be shy about sharing this. Remember that a sport organization can be a powerful force for change at the community level.

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