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Become a Marijuana Mogul: 5 Great Cannabis Social Media Marketing Tips

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Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself in the weed industry? We think you can do it with the aid of these cannabis social media marketing tips.

U.S. and Canadian marijuana legalization has poised the industry to become one of the biggest of its kind. Canada’s recent legalization and new U.S. clinical trials got everyone’s attention. Coca-Cola’s interest in CBD has wall street clamoring.

Stakes are high, hundreds of weed companies set for a breakout. Differentiating oneself in this growing market is tough. It takes smart cannabis social media marketing to cut through the smoke.

Keep reading and learn how the weed industry can use social media for business.

Blazing the Way with Cannabis Social Media Marketing Strategies

A whopping 61% of Americans support marijuana legalization. Tests revealing CBD benefits has non-users discovering natural alternatives. Cultural shifts are clear in our media and social channels.

Yet, the weed industry has serious competitive challenges:

  • Anyone in legal states can grow and sell crops
  • Big investors have already begun consolidating companies

What does this mean for a small operation? Well, like any industry it comes down to clever use of branding and outreach. Marijuana social media strategies even the field as mega weed companies corner markets.

Try one (or all) of the following:

Blog Content

Take a page from publications like High Times or Leafy. These publications attract users through a combination of media and written content.

Content could include:

  • Helpful cannabis-related articles
  • Photos and video of the operations
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Sharing behind-the-scenes tours
  • Interviews and meetup coverage

These pieces get found in search engines but also fuel social media shares. Add a few hashtags and branding elements to make it unique and memorable. Then, get the community active through guest submissions and user content.


Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms have yet to clarify weed ads. But, who’s to say you’ll promote marijuana products directly? A social marketer could funnel users to educational resources using FB/IG ads.

You could promote:

  • Tutorials
  • Guides
  • Resources

You’re free to promote advocacy content. You’re not allowed to promote marijuana products, though. Use content as your “in”.


Influencer marketing poses an opportunity connecting your biz with those holding large audiences.

Platforms like:

  • Upfluence
  • AspireIQ
  • Traackr

…connects you with influencers. The influencer campaigns let you reach engaged social users through their favorite personalities. Search for MJ enthusiasts with large followings, asking if they’re onboard with campaigns.


Reddit’s /r/trees is as close to a cannabis social network as you’ll get.

Get active on Reddit:

  1. Make an account
  2. Join and participate in MJ-related subs
  3. Share photos and your best blog content

An AMA (ask me anything) answering questions will garner attention. High-quality photos and video of strains and cannabis products do well, too.


Turn LinkedIn into a marijuana social media powerhouse by connecting with professionals. Or, use the platform to find those influencers for campaigns.

  1. Filter prospects by industry and interests
  2. Craft a cold pitch, sharing what you do
  3. Create a rapport and relationship
  4. Ask if you could contribute, them doing the same

You could land a few notable connections helping get better exposure in the industry. This brand awareness attracts partnerships, boosting social efforts.

Generating partnerships through guest posting is one of the easiest way, however, it can be quite time consuming.  We recommend going with a professional agency, like this business, that secures placements for you.

Get Higher Results with MJ Social Strategies

There will be thousands of cannabis suppliers and businesses in the coming years. Cannabis social media marketing is about delivering a great experience. A great interaction helps make your business stand out from the rest.

The marijuana products are but one aspect of the culture. Connect with 420-enthusiasts and non-users alike, creating a sense of inclusion and community.

Want more strategies to grow in the weed industry? Check our social media for businesses section for great ideas!

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