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5 Tips to Take Your Business Facebook Profile Page From “Blah” to “Hurrah!”

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Your Facebook profile page says a lot about your business and can help to boost your online image. Here’s how to make the most of your About Page and more.

There’s more to your business’s Facebook profile page than writing status updates.

You know you can leverage that tool more than you are, but how? And how long will it take?

Read on! This article is here to give you some quick and easy ways to improve your page right away.

It won’t take more than an hour to get started. Use the tools and tips below and your customers will find your business more likable and trustworthy.

1. Maximize Facebook Profile Page Photos

Do an audit of your profile photos first. These are the very first impression people have when they visit your page and make a huge difference in what they think of your business. Check to see what people think of your photo with a handy tool like Photofeeler.

Are your photos the correct sizes? Each photo has a recommended pixel size, which you should follow. Crop or resize as necessary to keep photos from looking grainy, stretched, or chopped off.

2. Use the Same Image Everywhere

You should also make sure that the profile photo is the same one that you use on other social media sites. This lets visitors know that you are the same company and gives you more credibility and professionalism. They will trust your business more when they see the same image everywhere.

3. Have Real Contact Info on Your Profile

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably hesitant to put your home address and phone number on your business page. It can be an unnecessary risk, but customers also don’t trust a business that doesn’t have contact information on their profile. Don’t worry, there’s a way around.

One way to fulfill your customers’ wish for a real address instead of a PO box is to rent one. You can do the same for a phone number. For example, The Hoxton Mix provides a virtual office with a London address and phone number.

4. Streamline Your Handle

Besides address and phone, customers often contact you through social media. Your handle on Facebook should be the same as your other social media sites.

Consistency is key to helping visitors recognize your business. They’ll know it’s the same one they saw on Twitter and help them find you if you use the same username.

5. Update Your Bio

Similarly, your tagline or elevator pitch should be unwavering across platforms. Whether updating your Instagram, Twitter, website, or Facebook, the short bio about your business should be the same. Add more info later on down the page if you like, but keep your short bio consistent.

The same reasons apply — if customers are going to trust you, they want to know that you are faithful in delivering what you promise. This starts with a rock-solid bio that doesn’t change from platform to platform.

Rock Your Marketing

Now you can take your profile from “Blah” to “Hurrah!” in no time. With easy steps like improving your photos and contact information, your Facebook profile page will soon be in tip-top shape.

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