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The Tweet Heard Around the World: Social Media Jobs That Let You Travel

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Has the travel bug bitten you? Do you spend your days researching out dream vacation itineraries?

You’re not alone! A recent poll found that 75% of millennials reported a desire to travel abroad as much as possible. That said, balancing work, family, relationships, and travel can be tricky.

Landing social media jobs, however, can help you explore the world- while still getting paid. Let’s get into some of the best opportunities!

Content Writing & Copywriting

With more companies turning to digital marketing, owners are seeking excellent, dynamic writing and editing for their social media campaigns. 

After all, SEO is the name of the marketing game, and most business owners don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

That said, if you have a fantastic way with words (and a reliable WiFi connection), this may be a perfect gig for you. 

You may be responsible for drafting out tweets or Facebook posts. Likewise, you may also be responsible for writing out blog content and subsequently sharing it on social media platforms.

How To Get Started 

This is typically a freelance, contracted job. Many content or copywriters work with several different clients to maintain a reliable stream of income.

First, you may want to start with creating your own blog. This will allow you to showcase your best work to clients and it helps build your online visibility. Likewise, you can use this as your first portfolio.

From there, you can start searching online forums or job boards seeking writers. You’ll usually need a resume and a few samples to get started. Offering to guest blog on other sites (relevant to your niche) can score you lucrative samples to share.

Finally, some writers find success by simply reaching out to potential customers and offering writing services. This is often a trial-and-error process that requires diligence and patience. 

Social Media Influencer

Do your followers on Instagram love you? Do you know the best way to capture a shot, write a witty caption or status update, and engage with your audience? If so, you may be able to score social media influencer gigs.

Today, companies everywhere are increasingly hiring influencers to market their products and increase their credibility. After all, how many times have you been compelled to purchase an item or service after seeing someone you admire vouch for it?

Influencers can be anyone. They can be A-list celebrities to niche bloggers to social media gurus.

Companies typically provide compensation via money or samples (i.e., getting free outfits or helping you plan your travel). 

How To Get Started 

First, identify your niche. Whether it’s personal finance, parenting, or traveling to Bangalore (view here for more), having a targeted niche helps define your audience.

Then you should pick between 1-3 social media channels. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin! 

You need to post content regularly, contact other people and businesses in your industry, and build your community.

Eventually, people will start to follow you, and they may even approach you for influencer gigs. Likewise, you can also directly contact some of your favorite companies to see if they are seeking such services and why you believe you’d be a good fit.

Virtual Assistant

Are you exceptionally organized? Can you multitask like a pro? If so, people around the world need virtual assistants to keep their businesses up and running.

Virtual assistant duties vary, but many businesses seek online support with social media-related tasks, such as:

  • content creation
  • hashtagging
  • sharing, liking, and commenting
  • increasing followers/audience
  • auditing social media profiles
  • managing other social media staff

Virtual assistants can work anywhere from a few hours a week to full-time. 

How To Get Started

To begin, you should start by choosing which services you want to offer to clients. To do this, you need to assess your skill set honestly. Where are your strengths? What do you feel passionate about?

You’ll also want to decide on your pricing and business structure. For example, do you want to charge a flat-rate fee per month or bill hourly?

To obtain clients, you can either start by launching a site and promoting it. Or, you can scour online marketplaces, like Fiverr or Upwork or Facebook, and create postings or respond to existing ones.


If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does it tell when it’s shared on a viral social media post?

Even though people are becoming savvier than ever with smartphones, professional work remains in high-demand. That’s because clear, crisp, and dynamic pictures help sell a brand- and they help sell a story.

Furthermore, with more people demanding live streaming, video marketing has become extremely popular. 

How To Get Started

Your portfolio is everything when it comes to landing these jobs. It doesn’t necessarily matter what experience you have- your work will sell itself.

Photographers tend to be popular on Instagram and Pinterest, while videographers tend to dominate Youtube and Facebook.

Make sure to build an online presence and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. You want to build a network within your community and get your work visible.

WIth these gigs, networking tends to be key. While there may not always be direct job postings seeking these positions, businesses will want to hire you if your work is irresistible. 

Final Thoughts on Social Media Jobs 

If you have a knack for creativity and love engaging with people, freelancing in the virtual employment may be the ultimate opportunity for you.

Don’t surrender your love for travel for a boring desk job! Social media jobs allow you to enjoy your work and your play. 

Interested in learning more social media tips? Be sure to check out our social media etiquette guidelines today. 

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