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How to Get More Likes on Your Travel Photos on Social Media

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Do you have a case of wanderlust and want to document your travels through your camera lens?

Social media – and Instagram especially – are forever changing the way we travel. Now more than ever, it’s possible to broadcast your journey for all the world to see. But how can you get more people to see your travel content?

There are all types of social media strategies, but not all of them apply to the travel niche. If you’re wondering how to get likes on your travel content, read on!

Authenticity is the Mantra

We live in a world where we measure our worth to how well received we are on social media. It seems a bit contradicting to the nature of traveling as a whole. But as a traveler, you can find a balance between being genuine and being market-savvy.

Focus on what truly matters: Traveling.

Bring viewers your unique perspective into the destinations they want to see. Become a resource travelers will turn to for when they need inspiration and advice.

Above all else, don’t compromise the quality of your work to be popular. Your creativity and zeal will get you more social media likes than you could’ve ever imagined.

Post During Peak Times

When does your target audience seem to buzz around Facebook and Instagram the most?

Post your best content when you know your followers are watching. A good way to tell is to see what time you’re receiving the most likes, comments, and story views.

If you’re in a different time zone, hold off on posting it until your audience is awake. Your content can get drowned out by posting too early or too late.

Keep a regular schedule and aim to post content at least once a day. Your followers will understand if you’re jet-lagged or can’t access Wi-Fi. That’s why it’s also good to keep your audience in the loop with your future travels.

Use the Hottest Hashtags

What’s more powerful than an instantaneous connection to the content we love and seek? In the travel niche, hashtags are especially influential.

#wanderlust, #travelbug, and a hashtag + a location are the go-to keywords. But you should also get more specific within your niche. For example, if you gear your content towards women, you can use a hashtag like #WomenWhoTravel.

But sometimes you need a little push to help your hashtags go the extra mile. Purchasing Instagram likes is one way to bolster your visibility. You can learn more about supplementing your marketing campaign with this practice.

Stay on top of which hashtags are growing and which ones are losing momentum. By taking advantage of trending hashtags, your content will appear more frequently.

You can even create your own hashtags and boost your user-generated content. For example, you could get your followers involved in a travel sweepstake. You could then promote the contest by creating a relevant hashtag.

Collaborate with Other Travelers

If you’re still wondering how to get likes on your travel content, it’s time to branch out. Among all those people you’ve crossed paths with over the years, whom can you reconnect with?

See who is available to collaborate on a trip or a photo shoot. By combining efforts, you’ll both funnel your traffic to each other’s pages. You’ll both get more social media likes and followers as a result.

You don’t have to collaborate with other travelers specifically. Foodies, photographers, tour guides, and locals are some examples of potential influencers.

Mastering How to Get Likes on Your Travel Photos

Getting more social media likes doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. As a travel content creator, the most important thing is to have fun. By immersing yourself in your travels, the best content will come on its own.

Now that you understand how to get likes on your travel content, where will you go? Before you depart, be sure to check out more social media tips & tricks!

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