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Do You Love Facebook? Want to Get Paid to Post? Here’s How to Become a Social Media Manager

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While the term “social media manager” is one that barely even existed just a decade ago, nowadays there are few companies that could survive without one. Social networks are the new frontier of advertising.

They’re the space where brands and organizations can most effectively engage their target audiences. As such, skilled social media managers are in demand pretty much everywhere.

The average salary for social media manager hovers around $55,000, although this can easily go up into six figures depending on experience. It’s a job that is about so much more than simply Tweeting and DMing.

It requires in-depth knowledge of modern communications, web algorithms, and effective advertising. If it sounds like the dream job for you, then read on to find out how to become a social media manager. 

How to Become a Social Media Manager: Manage Yourself First 

Consider what is digital media management for a moment. It’s the ability to effectively use digital content to increase reach, engagement, and, of course, make sales. 

It’s the ability to market anything and everything via social media. This means that you need to have a very strong personal social media presence before you can get started. If you can’t market yourself, why would any company trust you to do the same? 

Set up your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Facebook profiles and get to work on building a demonstrably large following. 

Gaining the Right Skills 

The digital media definition stretches way beyond actual social media posts. You need to have absolutely rock-solid writing and editing skills. You’ll also need plenty of experience in video content, SEO optimization, community building, and campaign planning. 

Gaining these is straightforward. If you can’t take on social media tasks as a side-gig in your current role, consider volunteering your services to NGOs or other non-profits. You can also take free online classes to bolster all of the above skills. 

Do Your Research 

Any successful media manager has a razor-sharp understanding of their industry. Keep an eye on major companies that specialize in the services you want to sell, such as the digital marketing agency Arvig Media, whose website and portfolio highlight what you should be aiming for. 

Make sure you know exactly what you should know from a technical standpoint. Do you know your SEO from your SMO? Your PPCs from your sponsored posts? There’s a whole world of lingo you’ll need to understand, and then master. 

Show Some Credentials 

So you’ve learned everything you need to learn and you’re ready for those digital media jobs to start flying at you. Trouble is, you can’t prove that you’re any good at what you do. 

This is why it’s key to have concrete results to bolster your credibility. Say you ran a social media campaign – do you know how many people saw your content? How many clicks did you generate? Have you successfully boosted a company’s follower count? 

You need to have provable answers to all of these questions and more. Once you do, the world is your oyster. 

Start Your Journey Today

The key to how to become a social media manager is to have a strong portfolio. The only way to get there is through real-world experience. If you want to get started with digital media, then start by reading our essential guide to social media etiquette to jump-start your personal brand today!


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