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Construct the Ultimate Facebook Status: Social Media Tips for Contractors

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Is your business page stagnant? Get it moving with status updates. Check out how to construct the ultimate Facebook status with tips for contractors.

Did you know business decision makers are some of the most active users on Facebook?

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platforms. So, when a contractor is trying to figure out the puzzle of Facebook engagement, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

One important piece of the puzzle is to construct the perfect Facebook status. But maybe this is easier said than done.

“Who cares what I have to say?”

It’s a fair question, but we have important tips for you to follow here to make that status update easy to construct and easy to like!

What Is Engagement?

Before we can even talk about how to craft a Facebook status, we need to talk about engagement — because that’s the end goal.

You want your audience to engage with your contracting business, and that includes:

It’s sort of a catch-all for taking part in the content you share.

What Makes a Great Facebook Status?

Even as an individual person on Facebook, sometimes it’s difficult to make people care about what you’re saying. With a business Facebook page, the same applies.

We’ll take a look at some key tips to get the ball rolling.

Be Relevant

First up: be relevant–or rather, stay true to your brand.

No matter what tips or tricks you follow, don’t stray from your brand even if the method has worked for others in the past.

Is your business serious or more conservative in nature? Don’t necessarily jump on a humor bandwagon (more on that in a second).

Stick to your guns, in a sense.

Create Interest

One simple way to make an FB status update is to just create something interesting for your audience.

Pictures and videos work very well for this (as long as you have the ability or access to good photography or videography).

People react well to inspiring or shareable content that doesn’t necessarily sell anything on the surface.

Be Genuinely Useful

Rather than creating interest in your business, people appreciate when content is genuinely useful.

Find ways to use a Facebook status to share useful content. But this also means that you need to put in the time to create the content, such as long-form articles or blogs relevant (hint, hint) to your brand and/or industry.

Be Timely (And MAYBE Funny)

Here’s where that humor part comes back into play.

You need to perform your own research on what’s trending whether globally, in your local area, or in your industry at large.

What are people sharing at the moment?

Is it a funny meme? Is it content relevant to the holidays, season, or time of year?

Maybe it’s a trend, and your contracting business can join in–as long as the timing is right.

Other FB Considerations

Constructing the perfect Facebook status is only one piece of the puzzle. Contractors also need to know how to use social media plugins to their advantage.

You can make the most perfect status update for FB and if you’re not leading anyone to your page, what good is it?

Take Tilt Constructions QLD, which specializes in tilt up construction, for example. When contractors use Facebook buttons on their websites like this, then they can lead their audience directly to their Facebook page.

From there, the audience has the opportunity to engage with their status updates directly.

Contractors Need Good Status Updates Too

People use Facebook every single day. We try our best to connect with others and get their likes, shares, and comments. Contractors need the same thing, too.

As long as you stay true to your brand with timely, useful, and interesting Facebook status updates, you’ll be able to garner a following in no time.

If you need help with posting pictures on your Facebook page, take a look at some great captions and quotes!

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