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Calling All Parking Lot Mangers: 8 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips

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77% of people in the US use social media. Any business can use social media to drum up the business they need.

When you use social media, you can get fast results. Targeting the people around you by strategic social media campaigns can have locals flocking to your parking lot as early as today.

Continue reading this article to find out top social media marketing tips to boost your business traffic.

Winning the Parking Lot War

Most times your parking lot is one of many lots in the area. How do you make sure people use your parking lot instead of using the lot near you? By using smart social media strategies to make people want to visit yours instead.

You want to process as many people through your parking payment machine as possible every day. You still have the same overheard whether your lot is full or you don’t have any customers. Use the following marketing tips to make sure your lot is full and you’re bringing in revenue.

1. Understand Social Media Etiquette

If you hop on social media and start sharing before you know how each platform works, you could land in hot water. Understanding what is acceptable to share on social media and what is better left unsaid will keep you from getting called out by commenters.

Each of the websites have their own set of rules so watch what others are doing first before you start taking part. Where posting duck-faced selfies, and filtered photos might be perfect for Snapchat and Instagram, you might not get the reaction you want from your LinkedIn following.

2. Create Eye-Catching Photos

Sites like Instagram and Pinterest live off photos. If your photo is dull and boring, it will be lost in the sea of insta-beautiful photos. You don’t have to be a talented photographer or graphic artist to create great photos for social media sites.

Look for high-quality stock photos and use sites like Canva or Picmonkey or even apps like WordSwag to make great graphics. People love consuming this type of content and taking a little time to create it will allow you to reap the benefits for the long-term.

3. Understand Your Audience

Before you start creating content, you need to know who your audience is. If you aren’t sure who your audience is, you are likely to post a lot of disjointed content. Your messaging won’t be clear, and you won’t attract followers as quickly as you’d like to.

Creating a customer avatar that you name and give real person characteristics can help you when you’re creating your content. Name this person and make sure your content is focused on helping them achieve their goals.

4. Set Goals

Another important part of your strategy that will keep you on track is setting specific goals for each platform you are targeting. You might set a goal to have x number of Twitter followers, or maybe you want to have a certain number of views on your Facebook videos.

Writing down your goals and posting them somewhere you can see them makes it much easier to bring them into reality.

5. Run Contests on Social Media

You might not think you have anything exciting to share on your social media, but that isn’t true. See how excited people get about winning a free month of parking along with gift cards to nearby restaurants.

You can get a buzz going around your lot by asking people to do certain actions to get points towards winning the contest. Give people points for sharing on each of the social networks or for taking a photo in front of your lot and using your hashtag to post to social media. Get creative with these contests and have fun with it.

Whenever you choose prizes, make sure you go big enough that people will go to the trouble of taking action to get it.

6. Do Minimal Selling

While you might think failing to sell consistently is going against your strategy, it isn’t. You don’t want to post promotions about coming to your parking garage all of the time. People don’t care about your parking solution until they need to park.

Your goal is to keep your lot top of mind when they do go nearby. You don’t want to annoy them, or you might make them choose to go to your competition.

Social media users aren’t online so they can see your ads. Social media users want to be entertained and want to have fun. Give them what they want, and they will be glad to give back by using your lot.

7. Start a Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group allows you to build a community of people that interact and you have control over what is posted. As a parking lot, you could make a group that shares events near your lot as well as photos from past events. People love to share their photos with other people so you’ll have plenty of people that want to join in on the fun.

8. Use Video Content

Whether it’s a cute cat, funny video about someone falling off their skateboard or a how-to video, people love video content. If you aren’t creating a video, you are missing out on an opportunity to be burned into their brain visually.

Use humor to get attention or even hire some stunt people to do crazy tricks throughout your lot to get attention. There are so many things you can do so use your imagination and do something that is going to get people talking and sharing your video.

While you may not want to become a video star, if your lot becomes famous, people are more likely to choose your lot over the other ones that are around. 

Increase Your Social Media Knowledge

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