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7 Social Media Pro Tips for Promoting Your Web Hosting Business

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Want to promote your web hosting business the right way? Don’t neglect your social media pages. Here are 7 social media pro tips to help you out.

Over 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook.

Of that number, nearly three-quarters of Facebook users access Facebook on a daily basis.

Facebook is dominating the social media landscape, but YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are close behind.

If you’re looking for ways to promote your web hosting business, it’s essential to take advantage of the large audiences social media offers. The right social media marketing can help drive traffic to your site and boost conversion rates.

In this post, we’ll cover the social media pro tips you need for digital marketing success!

1. Choose the Platform that Suits You

As a web hosting business, you may be tempted to build solid social media profiles on every platform out there. After all, a broad online presence has the potential to reach a lot of people.

However, managing social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort, as you’ll see in this post. Leveraging one or two platforms that are more likely to draw the right audiences may be smarter than dominating four or six.

Choose a social media platform that suits your market and your business. As a web hosting business owner, you’re keen to attract other business owners and entrepreneurs needing reliable hosting services.

In this sense, a LinkedIn and Facebook profile may do the trick nicely. As SnapChat users are largely young adults or teenagers, it may not be the best platform for advertising hosting services.

Develop robust profiles on your select platforms, ensuring that contact information is consistent on all.

Upload clear images for profile and cover photos and give your business a concise summary of services offered. Activate messaging so that you can correspond with customers in real time.

2. Craft a Social Media Strategy

Before you start posting interesting tidbits and promotions on your social media profile, it’s key to have a strategy.

Every marketing effort is more likely to be successful if it has a clear goal in mind. A social media marketing strategy will also identify a target market.

Social media gives business owners a great opportunity to choose whatever market they want to address. People of all backgrounds, ages and interests access social media.

What’s more, the internet is currently home to over 200 million active websites. Web hosting services will always be in demand as the internet grows.

Before creating any posts, spend some time honing a social media marketing strategy.

Identify your target audience, such as small business owners of e-commerce sites. Choose a desired outcome, such as a percentage increase in organic traffic to your website or a higher conversion rate.

All of your posts should be tailored to these specific markets and outcomes.

3. Use Video Content

Consumers are becoming more and more selective with the online content they choose to follow. Content that is intriguing, funny, or informative is more likely to attract consumers’ eyes than anything that is the opposite.

One of the best social media tips out there involves interactive content. Consumers are more likely to be engaged through video content, for example, than a blog post.

Videos easily captivate viewers, funnel a lot of information across, and deliver a clear message.

Facebook Live even enables you to upload live videos, so that you can reach out to users in real time. If you want to be a social media pro with your web hosting business marketing, incorporate video content.

4. Educate Your Customers

The world of web hosting can be daunting to first-time business owners or professionals. Many consumers may simply not know how to choose the best hosting platform ideal for their needs.

When it comes to social media and small business marketing, this is central. Educating your customers can go a long way in building your reputation as an authority in the industry.

Authorities are more likely to turn leads into conversions.

Use social media as a platform for educating and inspiring your customers. Launch a campaign that’s all about helping potential users learn more about web hosting.

This may mean starting a blog series about Web Hosting 101. Perhaps you hold a live webinar that answers common questions about hosting. Some businesses create infographics and e-guides that users can download for free.

5. Optimize Posts

Whatever you do post on social media, make sure the content is optimized for search engine use.

This means incorporating certain keywords users are likely to type into Google in order to find your business. Some sample keywords include “best web hosting service” or “high-speed hosting.”

You can use Google’s own Keyword Planner tool to come up with popular keywords suited to your industry.

Optimize every social media post by using a specific keyword at least once in shared content. You can even optimize images and video content by including keywords in file descriptions and titles.

Optimized posts ensure that your social media content is as visible as possible.

6. Encourage Reviews

If you have a Facebook business profile, you can enable existing customers to leave reviews about their experiences with your web hosting services.

Online reviews can be a key factor in influencing purchase decisions. In fact, over 90% of consumers read online reviews before checking out a business.

Use social media to encourage more positive online reviews. Launch a campaign that gives discounts or free downloads to consumers who leave a Facebook or Yelp review.

If you receive a positive review on another review platform, like Yellow Pages, you can share this review on social media and thank the user.

7. Build Virtual Partnerships

A lot of business owners assume that PR is something that happens office to office, not on social media.

However, when it comes to social media tips for business marketing, this is crucial. It’s possible to build virtual partnerships on social media to leverage your own services.

Start by re-posting content shared by a company that aligns with your own values, services, or intentions. As a web hosting company, this may mean re-Tweeting a post by a local entrepreneur.

Follow other social media profiles that similarly resonate with your company. Comment on others’ posts to indicate virtual support.

These virtual partnerships can be key to earning more online visibility and building your own reputation as a reliable hosting service.

Social Media Pro Tips

Social media should be central to any digital marketing campaign you launch as a web hosting business.

Choose one or two platforms, to begin with, according to your needs and marketing goals. Identify a target market, concentrate on posting relevant and intriguing content, and build virtual partnerships.

Don’t forget to optimize your posts and encourage online reviews.

Status Wish always has what you need when it comes to social media solutions. Check out our other social media pro tips and tricks now!

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