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6 Tips on Advertising Job Opportunities Online for Your Business

Advertising Job Opportunities Online

Around 43% of job openings are filled in the 30 days since being listed. Meanwhile, the 57% that isn’t filled then will stay unfilled for another three months or more. 

Getting stuck in the 57% isn’t ideal, as many employers want their advertised job opportunities filled quickly with the ideal applicant. To create efficient listings, implement these six tips when posting openings online.

Describe the Company

It is recommended to intro the job listing with a short description about the company hiring. This information may include the history, size, as well as any external information that would compel someone to apply.

When advertising job opportunities, you’ll also want to summarize what the company does and how the job posting fits into that. This helps lead into the job description and will give the applicant extra information about the company’s goals and environment.

Be Specific

Don’t be afraid to clearly state what the job requires, whether it be an entry-level position or requires 2+ years of experience. If the advertisement is too generic and open-ended, you’ll end up with candidates that are generic. 

The advertisement also needs to clearly describe the opportunity. If the advertisement is too broad or isn’t easily understandable, it likely won’t attract the ideal applicants.

Ideally, you’ll want the reader to read the listing and feel that it’s exactly what they are looking for and are qualified to do. It’s best to achieve this by being as clear and direct as possible.

Don’t Get Overcomplicated

Often, candidates will be looking through an abundance of job listings. Because of this, they’ll likely be scanning for keywords or phrases, which is harder to do when presented with listings full of long paragraphs.

While you might want to go in-depth while writing job descriptions, also include a bulleted “soft” version. Try starting each point with a verb, as it will allow you and the candidate to get straight to the point.

Application Requirements

As with specificity for the job description, you’ll also want to be specific about how to apply. This will keep you from going back and forth with an applicant asking them for more information. Instead, get all the required information the first time.

Employers often require items like cover letters, work samples, and salary requirements. The importance of requiring these items depends on how relevant it is to the position.

To find ideal candidates without requiring added information, you may want to employ a headhunter to help find the best person for your position. 

Analyze Similar Listings

A great way to improve your job listing is to analyze other ads competitors have written for similar types of jobs. From there you can ask questions, such as what do you like about the listing or what would you change? 

Update the Listing

If the listing isn’t bringing in the candidates you want, you may want to update the listing. While updating the listing you may want to add more clarity or provide added keywords to help with searchability. 

Advertising Job Opportunities Easily

Writing job descriptions isn’t always one-size-fits-all, so it might take time to perfect the listing in a way that brings in your ideal applicants. Hopefully, these six tips will make the process of hiring new employees easy and efficient. 

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