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3 Social Media Lead Generation Methods You Need to Try

Lead Generation on Social Media

When you’re in the marketing field you’ve probably tried plenty of different routes to generate leads for your company. Yet, for many marketers, social media isn’t at the top of their list when looking for ways to find new leads. 

Considering 3.8 billion people across the globe are active on social media, this platform is a great place for you to gain social media lead generation. 

Social media is bustling with customers who are ready and willing to try out your products or services as long as you know how to advertise to them in the right ways. 

Keep reading for our guide to three social media lead generation methods you need to try. 

1. Finalize Your Profile

There is a lot that goes into creating a social media profile especially if you’re using it for social media marketing. You need to make sure that you have a profile picture, your company name is clear, and that you have an interesting but descriptive bio. 

Another thing you should do when creating and finalizing your social media profile is to make sure that all of your contact information is in a spot that potential leads can find it. Do you have your address, phone number, and email address listed at the top of your profile? This will be the best way for leads to find your information from social media and be able to contact you for more information. 

2. A Landing Page is Important

When learning how to get leads on social media you will need somewhere for these leads to go which is why a landing page is very handy. Posting links to your landing page on social media is just the half of it. You will want to impress them with a user-friendly landing page that they will be able to navigate through easily. 

Sometimes landing pages can be abrupt and will be easily noticeable that you’re trying to sell your followers your products. Make sure that when you’re trying to find new leads that you work your landing page into your social media seamlessly. Of course, this isn’t always easy so you’re going to have to get creative. 

3. Give Out Incentives

One of the best lead generation strategies is to offer incentives to potential leads. You might be wondering what type of incentives you can offer when using social media? 

Well, offering discount codes to your social media followers for signing up for your newsletter is an awesome way to get more leads. It is good for two reasons! The first is that you have the chance to make more sales by offering a discount code.

Second, you also have their email address and can send them future updates about your products or services where they might make another purchase later on. 

Social Media Lead Generation Methods 

Considering how many people use social media on a daily basis it is clear that you will be able to find your target audience on a platform. Use these social media lead generation methods to find new leads for your products and services so you can watch your company thrive. 

Our blog focuses on teaching you all about using social media to your advantage. So if you’re interested in using social media as a marketing tool, then be sure to keep scrolling our page for lots of awesome advice. 

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