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Surprising Sites for Pet Lovers: 7 Pet Social Media Sites

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Have you ever been in a park or at a coffee shop and seen how genuinely excited pet owners get when they get the chance to talk about their dogs or cats? The level of interest between those people is unbelievable. 

Maybe you even are that person. For those of you who resonate with that feeling, there are places for you to go and express your love for your animals. Pet social media sites exist to put you in touch with people who have the same passion for animals that you do.

We’ve compiled a list of those sites to give you a good sampling of the best that the web has to offer.

7 Great Pet Social Media Sites

Of course, there’s a variety of pet owners, so there are a lot of different pet social media sites. If we don’t get to a site that applies to you, don’t give up hope. Social media is on a crazy train, the internet is sure to have a site that’ll suit you.

1. DoggyBnB

Ever have to go out of town for family or business, left scrambling to find a place to house your pup? It can be extremely stressful because you don’t want to burden your friends with another responsibility, but you also can’t just leave your animal at home alone. 

DOGGYBNB takes care of this problem for you by putting you in touch with people who are willing to house your pet for you. You’ll have to pay a small fee, but you know that your dog will be getting the best care and attention.

Sometimes, boarding houses can be a little iffy on whether or not your dog gets the attention it needs. 

2. Dogster

Their slogan reads, “For the love of dog.” Dogster is one of the largest petworking sites around. It serves a number of purposes ranging from detailed advice to adoption information for dogs around the nation. 

Anything from managing multiple dogs on Thanksgiving to grooming advice is available, and you’ll be able to talk about your concerns with other dog owners on the site’s forums. 

3. Catster

Catster is Dogster’s sister site, and it serves roughly the same purpose. The only difference is that this site is geared toward cats. Cats, on the other hand, come with a separate list of lovely and funny qualities, so the content is very interesting. 

Whether you’re trying to take cat Christmas photos or understand the inner-workings of cat farts, you won’t be disappointed. 

4. UnitedDogs

The sites above are more informational, while UnitedDogs is a little more social media-geared. The site allows you to upload infinite photos of your pet and boast them to all of the people in your network. 

It could be a huge network too because over 450,000 users frequent the site. All of those users have dogs and are ready to chat you up about your latest tips and tricks. 

5. Cuteness Inc

Cuteness Inc has a wealth of information that stretches across all possible pets. Of course, the bulk of the information pertains to dogs and cats, but you’re not out of luck if you have a different animal. 

There’s the obligatory section with cute photos of animals, because, well, duh. Cuteness Inc also has a vast informational section that covers a lot of ground. Pet health how-to’s, training guides, explanations of pet behavior, catalogs of breeds, and advice on grooming are all available. 

They even have a few suggestions on how to name your pet! 

6. Date My Pet

Date My Pet is a site for single people who are looking to date other people with pets. It’s also a cool place to look for people to just hang out with in the company of your pets– it doesn’t always have to relate to romantic dating. 

Mainly, it’s just a hub for pet lovers to connect and relate their love of pets. At the same time, sometimes people don’t fully understand the importance that a pet can have. People without animals can even get jealous of the amount of time your spending with your pet. 

It’s nice to get paired with someone who has the same priorities as you and understands the deep level of connection that you share with your animal.

7. Petzbe

Petzbe is a site that allows pet owners to get in touch with each other. Their charm comes from the fact that they don’t address the readers, they address the pets! 

Their site reads like it would if you were a pug reading the paper. Petzbe has picked up a lot of publicity, being mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and on Good Morning America.

They also put their efforts toward making the world a better place for pets. Their #LendaPaw campaign puts a donation toward an animal charity every time users submit a paw-photo. 

Seriously, though, we can’t overstate how cute the platform is. A follower is a “sniffer” and a like is a “lick.” The site is totally geared toward pet readers and the slogan is “No Humans Allowed.”

Honorable Mention: GroomIt

GroomIt, while not technically a social media site, is an excellent site for any pet owner to know and use. 

So long as you are in the service area, you can request to have someone come out to your house or location to groom your animal. The service is on demand, on your terms. 

Give GroomIt a shot!

Need Help with the Whole “Social Media” Thing?

Pet social media sites and other places to network on the web have a certain etiquette. We’ve all been friends with a person who just doesn’t really know how to make the right posts. 

If you don’t want to be that person and need some help on how to post online, visit our site for the information you need. 

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