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The Best Construction Facebook Campaigns of 2018

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What did we learn in 2018? There was the big Facebook change, but what else? Learn about the best construction campaigns that were run this year.

Wondering how Facebook fits within the marketing mix in the construction industry?

You’re not alone! 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook regularly, and there are over 2.27 billion active monthly users worldwide. Facebook is a powerful marketing platform for businesses in all sorts of industries, construction included.

To help you put new marketing ideas into action, read on for five examples of the best construction Facebook campaigns of 2018!

1. Best Construction Lead Gen Through Facebook Advertising

Because Facebook advertising is still very inexpensive, some of the best construction lead generation strategies can occur by targeting new audiences through it.

For smaller firms and contractors, lead generation could include crafting an offer for a consultation or discount around your primary service offering.

For larger companies, a Facebook ad for a lead magnet, such as a white paper or case study, is a great place to start.

The ad would then lead to a squeeze page. This page collects contact information in exchange for the lead magnet that you’re offering.

This strategy is one of the top methods for driving high-quality leads on Facebook on autopilot.

2. Stay in Front of Your Existing Customers

If you have an email list of customers and leads in your CRM, Facebook offers solutions to stay in front of them over time.

By exporting your list and importing it to Facebook as a custom audience, you can create retargeting ads. Facebook displays these ads to people on your list in their newsfeed.

Retargeting is an easy way to keep your company on customer’s minds and keep leads warm as they go through your sales cycle.

3. Grow Your Numbers with a Page Likes Campaign

Do you feel like your Facebook page is a ghost town?

An advertising campaign that asks for likes on your page will help you grow your followers and build a new audience.

You can start by targeting people based on construction-related interests and create an ad that appeals to them.

This can help drive business leads and even recruit new talent to your company.

You could create an eye-catching Facebook ad graphic and write an ad that compels people to like the page.

For example, your ad could target people interested in the latest construction news. Let them know that your page will be full of daily industry updates!

4. Use Video To Showcase Your Firm

Video content paired with Facebook marketing is key for building brand awareness in 2018.

If you have created video content showcasing the work and culture of your construction company, advertising on Facebook can give you a local and international boost.

Hanson has great examples of company related video content that would lend itself to Facebook marketing.

5. Use Your Blog To Your Advantage on Facebook

Speaking of brand awareness, your company blog will include solid content for Facebook posts and ads.

You can use Facebook to drive targeted traffic to your blog for enhanced content marketing and lead generation.

Facebook as One Piece of the Construction Marketing Puzzle

As the five best construction campaign examples, these are only a few examples of how you can use Facebook as one piece of the digital marketing puzzle for construction firms.

Are you using Facebook as part of your construction marketing strategy? If not, discuss with your team how you may be able to use these types of campaigns.

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